Outside my window…little people are basking in the rain…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen any (yep, they are totally dancing to the music of falling rain here).August 2016 030_2_1

I am remembering…3 years ago.  Katie was a few months old, I sent Daxson off to Alaska for a bit of a baby breather (it’s tough dealing with 3 wild boys, a newborn baby and a wife on extended bedrest) and I took the kids and we headed to Austin to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Morgan who flew in from Raleigh.  So glad we had the opportunity to visit and grateful that my kids got to actually meet the folks from many of my summer stories.

While Daxson was exploring Alaska…

august austin 2013c 021_2_1 august austin 2013c 028_1_1 august austin 2013c 029_3_1 august austin 2013c 030_2_1 august austin 2013c 039_4_1 august austin 2013c 041_5_1 august austin 2013c 042_1_1We visited, played, created (and probably destroyed a thing or two while we were at it).  Grandpa Morgan helped the kids paint and decorate pots and plant beautiful things for Granny for her upcoming birthday.  august austin 2013c 055_1_1 august austin 2013c 056_2_1 august austin 2013c 059_3_1 austin august 2013 007_1_1 austin august 2013b 072_2_1 austin august 2013b 075_3_1 austin august 2013b 076_4_1 austin august 2013b 084_1_1 austin august 2013b 092_1_1Then Daxson joined us for our last weekend there and we celebrated both his birthday and Granny’s (Daxson’s birthday is the day after Granny’s).  austin august 2013 019_1_1 austin august 2013 026_2_1 austin august 2013 029_3_1 austin august 2013 037_1_1 austin august 2013 041_5_1 austin august 2013 054_4_1 austin august 2013 058_2_1 austin august 2013 059_3_1

I am thankful for…these smiles.August 2016 001_1_1

I am watchingJustified with Daxson occasionally.  When I watch it, I wish I watched it every night and kept up with it, but when I don’t watch it, I get so much reading done.

I am listening…to Schoolhouse Rocks (yep, I’m sneaking in this blog while they’re singing Conjunction Junction).

I am wondering…how Andrew has so much energy.  Really, it’s insane.

I am laughing…about this.  Last week Katie insisted that it was going to rain and she needed to dress both herself and Joey.  Not really sure how these outfits were appropriate for the rain, but Joey was a good sport and we both got a good laugh out of Katie’s creativity.August 2016 094_1_1

I am reflecting…on this and thinking I’m in trouble since I’m the Queen of Inconsistency…”To be this the teacher needs a constant self-control; to be himself disciplined; to be himself a representative of law, with even and consistent action, so that it will always be known what he will be, and say, and do. He will be consistent; unvarying, even as the law is unvarying; he will not overlook a breach of the law one day, and take notice of it severely another; neither will he speak and act as if the disobedience were against himself – he will try to concentrate the child’s attention upon the law, and make the child feel that the law has been broken, and that the law must be obeyed; that no breach of the law must be overlooked; that the law must be obeyed everywhere, at all times, and by all.” from Parents’ Review Article: Rev. Canon Parker’s ‘Discipline Part II’

In the schoolroom…the school year has gotten off to a good start (with all the usual bumps along the way, like the whiny child, the crying child, the uncooperative child, the disobedient child…you know, the usual array of drama in a room full of kids).  We’re enjoying all the read-alouds and math the Charlotte Mason way.  August 2016 055_1_1 August 2016 072_2_1

Around the house…the Legos are organized, the books are shelved, the schoolroom is still in pristine condition.  It’ll all be a mess again soon, I’m sure.

In the kitchen…we just finished up the delicious Salmon burgers from this weekend.  They really are super yummy (one of the few meals that everyone eats around here without complaining)…add a little lettuce, tomato and pickle with some tartar sauce.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

I am wearing…a skirt Mom made me with a sky blue shirt.  Nothing fancy, but my goodness, I’ve received many compliments from all of my kids today.  Must be the bright blue on the dreary day.

We are preparing for…William’s surgery.  He has an inguinal hernia with a hydrocele (who knows what caused it, but guessing his quest to be Rocky didn’t help matters).  Waiting for our appointment, praying for no more ER visits.  And asking extra prayers for what will prove to be a challenging recovery (have you ever seen this kid…he’s constantly climbing, jumping, moving…should be interesting).August 2016 053_1_1

Someday I am going to miss…their eagerness to climb on our lap and crowd around us to listen to a story.

June 2016 019_1_1

I am readingTheir Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (for book club) and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins…really, I’m not quite sure why I quit after the 2nd book.  Now I’m struggling to remember what happened last.  Take my advice: if a book is part of a trilogy, you really should read all three in a timely manner. 

I am inspired…by this beautiful notebook.  Really, doesn’t it inspire you to fill it with beautiful thoughts?August 2016 033_1_1

One of my favorite things…spending the day at the beach with some of our favorite people.July 2016 053_1_1

A peek into my dayAugust 2016 061_1_1

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  1. OH my gosh! That was such fun to read and see. I still have a huge smile on my face. Thanks for always sharing your family with us.
    Love you,


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