The Story of Us

I knew, before I’d ever even spoken to him, that one day he’d be my husband.

I can’t exactly explain it.  I just knew.  I watched him walk into Dr. Tillinger’s Tax II accounting class one day and I just knew.  I’d never even directly spoken to him, but I knew.  He was written in my heart long before I even knew him.

I had a class with him the previous semester and somehow our paths never converged.  In fact, I completely misread him.  I thought he was a foreign tennis player.  I guess because he sat next to a foreign tennis player.  So much for assumptions.

The next semester I walked into Tax II and noticed him again.  You have to imagine that Tax II wasn’t exactly a sought after class.  In fact, I’d be lying if I said there were more than 15 people in there.  There were three u-shaped rows, each a little higher than the previous one.  Daxson sat center front row, our mutual acquaintance, Regina, sat center middle row and I sat center back row.  He answered a question in clear English without the hint of an accent.  So much for being foreign.

One day I was cramming to finish an assignment before class began and I looked up just as he walked in and I knew.  I knew.  And I thought I was just crazy.  I hadn’t even spoken to him.  But it was as if time froze for that moment and something whispered in my soul.  He’s the one.

I ignored the whisper.

Time passed and I forgot all about that moment.  Then one afternoon there was a bit of a panic before class over an assignment.  Regina asked for clarification and while the exact issue eludes me, I just remember Daxson replying, “No silly.”

Hearts flashed before my eyes.  Over the word silly.  Who knew I was so easy to win over?  So I leaned over to the guy next to me and whispered, “You know who I think is groovy?  That Daxson in the front row.”  And my quest became clear.  Tax class now had a double challenge…pass the class and find an excuse to talk to the guy who casually used the word silly in a sentence.

My opportunity soon presented itself.  Daxson and I had another class we were both taking, although at different times.  Auditing.  I had it at 8 in the morning while he had it at a decent hour in the afternoon.  I ate a taco while trying my best to stay awake each class and eventually giving in to a nodding doze while he sat enraptured by the topic, highlighting all the key points.  I passed the assignments while he set the curve.  Word gets around.  He was super smart.  I had an excuse to finally talk to him…I needed a tutor….or at least I could pretend that was what I needed (what I really needed was to stay awake and stay focused but the premise of needing a tutor seemed opportune).

After being thrown into a group assignment together in Tax, I gathered my courage and told him that I’d heard he was doing well in auditing and I asked if he’d be willing to help me out.  He agreed and bless him, he pulled out a tiny yellow dictionary to write my phone number in.  My heart seriously went pitter patter.  A dictionary.  How divine.september-2016-001_1_1 september-2016-002_2_1

He called.  We met at the library.  He tutored me.  I stared dreamily into his lovely hazel eyes.

I invited him out to a dinner with a group of friends.  He invited me to join him and his friends in Concan.  He made a bet with me that if I passed my auditing exam, he’d treat me to dinner and if I didn’t, I’d treat him to dinner (sneaky wasn’t it, the way he was guaranteed dinner with me with a bet like that).

Before I knew it, I was head over heels in love, unable to imagine my life without him.  4 months later he proposed.  Exactly one year and two days after our official first date, we were married.

Honestly I can’t remember every detail that led us to our vows at the chapel.  But I do remember thinking of that moment when I heard that whisper in my soul and knowing that it wasn’t so crazy after all.  Like I said, he was written in my heart long before I knew him.



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