About Us

With Every Intention was born from a conversation between two sisters one busy holiday season.  Tired of feeling overwhelmed and ready to swim upstream against current culture, these two sisters decided to embrace a spirit of intentionality in everything they do…from the food they eat to the words they spend time reading and everything in between with the hopes that by being intentional, they might just be able to live a little richer, breathe a little deeper and appreciate a little more fully.

Leslie is a working mama, who spends her intentional moments homeschooling her child, filling her plate with Paleo inspired foods, and marveling over the wonders of herbs and their hidden powers.  She’s recently discovered a love of bicycling and delights over outdoor adventures with her son and husband.

She spent the better part of 2016 feeling tired of spinning her wheels and spending her days in a rush of busy moments only to find herself looking back at her days with a feeling of unproductivity and a realization that her year had lost its focus.  Where she wanted to savor the good, she found herself focusing on the mundane.  Where she wanted to soak in the beauty, she found herself caught up in the trivial.  She’s declared 2017 to be the year that she lives with more intention, more focus and more purpose.

You can follow Leslie’s family journey over at Ramblings of the Good Wife.

Stacie is addicted to the finer things in life…deep dark chocolate, a steaming cup of herbal tea, freezing time with the click of a camera, and snuggling up with a child on her lap and a good story. Mostly, though, she is addicted to journaling. Putting thoughtful words with beautiful pictures makes her world make sense.

She is defined by plain words. Wife. Mom. Homemaker. Homeschooler. But her life is anything but plain. Her life has beauty that cannot be imagined by those simple words. Her life is colorful. It is inspired and full. It is blessed.

She is prideful enough to think she has incredibly adorable and intelligent children and the most brilliant and handsome of men for a husband, but humble enough to realize it’s not because of anything she does or has done. Rather it’s because she has been blessed abundantly.

It’s the intentional living that helps her keep it all in perspective.

You can follow Stacie’s family journey at Standing Over Running Water.