Meet Stacie

With Every Intention was born from a conversation between Stacie and her sister, Leslie, one busy holiday season. Tired of feeling overwhelmed and ready to swim upstream against current culture, the sisters decided to embrace a spirit of intentionality in everything they did from that day on…from the food they ate to the words they spent time reading and everything in between with the hopes that by being intentional, they might just be able to live a little richer, breathe a little deeper and appreciate a little more fully.
Stacie decided to take those intentional thoughts and share her journey through a blog…and so With Every Intention launched in January 2017.
Stacie is addicted to the finer things in life…deep dark chocolate, a steaming cup of herbal tea, freezing time with the click of a camera, and snuggling up with a child on her lap and a good story. Mostly, though, she is addicted to journaling. Putting thoughtful words with beautiful pictures makes her world make sense.
She is defined by plain words. Wife. Mom. Homemaker. Homeschooler. But her life is anything but plain. Her life has beauty that cannot be imagined by those simple words. Her life is colorful. It is inspired and full. It is blessed.
She is prideful enough to think she has incredibly adorable and intelligent children and the most brilliant and handsome of men for a husband, but humble enough to realize it’s not because of anything she does or has done. Rather it’s because she has been blessed abundantly.

It’s the intentional living that helps her keep it all in perspective.