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Welcome to your Intentional Health journey.

Now is the time to be intentional about your health.

Allow me to guide you on your journey.

I am Stacie Satery, herbalist and founder of Intentional Health, LLC. My goal is simple. I want to share my plant love and knowledge with you to help you along your journey, wherever you are, in whatever way suits you best…a one-on-one consultation, a classroom style atmosphere or even an informal meet and greet.

My training includes three years of study under Rosemary Gladstar through the Sage Mountain Herbal Center where I completed the Science & Art of Herbalism course, an intensive program in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory, and fieldwork of herbalism and three years of study at the East-West School of Planetary Herbology, studying under Michael and Lesley Tierra, where I fine-tuned my skills as an herbalist to help clients reach their goals through a wider array of healing systems and modalities including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My plant knowledge stretches across the Western terrain and into India and China with an ability to integrate different herbs from different places in order to make the most effective formula based on each individual’s unique constitution. In addition to studying with Rosemary Gladstar and The Tierras, I have had the opportunity to take classes and study with some of the most dedicated herbalists of our time including Paul Bergner, Christopher Hobbs, Emily Ruff and David Winston. I am a current member of the American Herbalists Guild and The Herbal Academy’s Herbarium.

Choose your path of Intentional Herbal Healing…


One-on-one consultations

Schedule a personalized consultation with me. Working together we will find your constitution and trace your symptoms back to their root cause in order to develop a holistic personalized health recommendation plan just for you.

I also offer a brief meet-and-greet for (up to) a 15-minute phone call to ask general questions. To ensure your safety and quality care, I will not be able to give customized health advice during this time. A “Meet and Greet” is a chance to learn how I approach my clients’ care to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Intentional learning

If you’re located in South Texas, contact me to find out how you can join me on the trail or in the classroom.

I am also currently teaching online herb classes to children and moms over at A Charlotte Mason Plenary…touch base with me for more information!

Intentional Musings

Join me on the main page, With Every Intention, to journey alongside me as I journal about plants, being human, and living with intention.

After going to the doctor and being told my test results were normal and everything was fine, even though I felt horrible, I’m so blessed to have found Stacie Satery. Stacie has been with me on my healing journey every step of the way. Not only does she have the herbal knowledge, she is extremely sympathetic. To me, that matters most; because she cares, I am getting the best herbal advice possible. I have since received help with my out-of-control hormones and anemia from Stacie. My energy levels are wonderful, along with improved mood and better sleep. My emotional state has drastically improved as well, and I feel like I can do anything!

-Lori Concert

It’s time to be intentional about your health and healing journey.