We Three Kings

I know, I know…we were a little late celebrating Epiphany, but oh how we did celebrate!  Joseph and I made and decorated our crowns (I let Dax borrow mine…it seemed a little more authentic to have three boy kings!).  Once we were outfitted with crowns, we went off to follow the stars and find the baby Jesus. 

We skipped and hopped, marched and danced

 until, voila! we found the baby Jesus, snuggled fast asleep in his manger. 

We were thrilled, excited, overjoyed…much like the real wisemen were…but I bet in the excitement of finding the Savior, the real wisemen, did not throw the baby Jesus into the air. 

Just before Jesus lost an arm!

So, in the midst of our julilation, Baby Jesus lost his arm.  Our celebration came to an abrupt halt while we frantically searched for Jesus’ arm.  Fortunately, St. Jude heard our prayers and we found the arm before William did!  Perhaps next year we’ll search for the one-piece plastic Baby Jesus! 


2 thoughts on “We Three Kings

  1. I shrieked with laughter when I read this entry of yours! What a spectacular way to teach your children about the Wise Men! Thanks for sharing the photos and your wonderful wit! Keep it up!


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