The Process…not the Product

I think one of the hardest lessons to learn as a mommy is that presentation is NOT everything, contrary to what we’ve been trained to think.  It really is all about the process with children…not the product.

The following may not seem like such a big project to most moms out there, but you have to understand my little Joseph.  He’s a perfectionist.  He cannot stand messes.  He wants everything nice, neat, and clean.  He will not touch play-doh, mud, or anything even remotely messy.  I feel like he’s missing a whole chunk of his childhood because he refuses to get sticky, gooey, or messy!  So my mommy brain went into overtime trying to remedy this situation.  What could I possibly do to get him to embrace the messy side of life.  Enter a cake mix, frosting, and some other goodies…

It took us two days to complete our project (one day for baking and one for decorating) and in the end our product may not have been perfect, but who cares?  It really was the process that mattered. because Joseph did it all…he dumped ingredients, mixed, decorated (with a utensil of course!), sprinkled, and lo and behold, he even fed himself!  Isn’t victory sweet?

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