No, Mom, No!

Gone are the days of helping Joseph get dressed or helping him put together his favorite puzzle.  No longer can I show him how to do things.  We’ve hit the age of “I’ll do it myself.”  The most often heard words around our house are those of a toddler screaming (sometimes literally) for independence…”No, Mom, no!”; “Joseph do it.”; “If I do it Mom, you say ‘Good for you’ okay?” 

This stage is a little trying, no doubt, but I know we’ll come out on the other side soon enough and life will be even better because of it.  I know that.  I do, really, but I’m still going to take a moment to mourn the loss of his complete dependence on me.  I’m going to miss him bringing me his sweater to help him put on and I’m going to miss him asking me to choose which snack and I’m going to miss him asking for help with his blocks…I really am going to miss those days; those days that I sometimes said, “I can’t wait for him to be more independent.”  I really am going to miss it.  But it’s all part of growing up…as a mommy. 

No, Mom, no! I'll put my jacket on.

At least he let me zip it up!

2 thoughts on “No, Mom, No!

  1. No Mom I will do it myself. Boy those words are as clear to me as if the last 27yrs and 30 yrs are just yesterday. Sometimes now I still wish I could do for my daughters but I do know that this too is part of growing. I won’t say older or up but just growing. Welcome to motherhood once more.


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