A beautiful day

Saturday was one of those days that I wish I could have put in a bottle so when it’s miserably hot in a few months I could open up my bottle and let out a beautiful spring day.  The weather was just right, with a gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun.  The water was gorgeous, a perfect reflection of the blue sky.  But…since I have yet to find a way to do bottle up perfect days, we had to just take advantage of the day.  To do that, we met Grandma Nury, Aunt Jessica, and Walker at Cole Park for a walk that morning.

The gentle breeze and the warmth of the sun lulled William right to sleep.

Walker woke up from his nap ready to conquer the day!

Walker's peeking around as if to say, "Where's my mom?"

C'mon Grandma Nury and Walker, we're waiting for you!

By the way, that book is now missing a chunk...William ate it on the way home...guess I should have packed some snacks.

 It’s amazing how much one walk can accomplish…two babies took their morning naps, three women got exercise and the opportunity to socialize, one toddler had the opportunity to get out and run, and all six of us shared a beautiful spring morning enjoying good company and beautiful weather.

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