St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2010:  I just love holidays.  Any excuse for a celebration!  And a saintly celebration is even more exciting because it brings our faith alive in tangible ways.  Grandma Cindy was in town and we invited Aunt Jessica and Walker over to join with us in our breakfast celebration.  Joseph and I made cinnamon rolls and decorated them with St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles. 

Learning to knead dough

Spreading the filling...mmm, the best part!

We baked our rolls in St. Patrick's Day cupcake liners...very festive.

William, stay down...I'm trying to decorate with sprinkles!

Grandma Cindy decorated the table with plenty of shamrocks.

 After breakfast Grandma Cindy read Tomie DePaola’s book Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland to Joseph, which really does a beautiful job telling the story of St. Patrick.  Joseph loved the idea of the shamrock and how St. Patrick used it to teach the Trinity, so I cut out a shamrock sponge and Joseph spent the afternoon painting shamrocks. 

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