My little mimic

I have to be careful about everything I say and everything I do.  I have the perfect little mimic in my house. 

A few days ago I saw my mothering in action as Joseph perfectly mimicked my technique of putting a baby to sleep.  He had a little doll who he named Bob and he told me it was Bob’s naptime.  So I watched as Joseph put Bob down for a nap.  First he picked him up and rocked him gently as he sang “Away in a Manger.”  Then when Bob was asleep, Joseph put him up on his shoulder and continued rocking and shhhing him until he could get Bob into his bed (a chair).  After laying Bob in his bed and covering him with a blanket (a washcloth), he gently patted his back and shhhed him to sleep.  Then, ever so politely, he asked me to please use my quiet voice because Bob was napping. 

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