Dear William

Dear William, 
Today is your big day.  You’re one!  You’ve gone from a tiny, quiet baby to an eager and very curious little toddler.  As I reflect on your first year, I am struck with such beautiful memories.  Before you arrived, I worried.  I worried about how in the world I would manage two little boys.  I worried about how Joseph would react to a baby in the house.  I worried about bonding with you, not sure if I would be afforded the luxury of quietly drinking in every detail about you as I had done with Joseph when he was a baby.  I worried that I would be exhausted and emotional trying so hard to create a perfect balancing act.  It turned out that I had nothing to worry about, because the strangest thing happened when you were born.  My heart stretched.  It stretched and stretched and the moment I held you in my arms, I knew that there was nothing to worry about.  You see, a mommy has the most incredible power in her heart.  The power to stretch and adapt and gently guide the dynamics of the family with her own peace and fortitude.  And that’s what I did.  I held you and fell in love with you and everything just fell into place.  Now it’s hard to remember those worries I had.  It’s hard to remember a life without William. 

I loved those first days with you.  You don’t remember them, but I do.  You were such a quiet, content little baby.  You just snuggled and nursed and napped.  In those first few days, Joseph proved to not only be a sweet big brother, but also a very loving and gentle brother.  I was amazed that there was no sibling rivalry.  No jealousy.  No hateful glares.  Just love.  Pure, fresh brother love. 

The day we brought you home

Grandma Cindy was there for your birth. She stayed with us for two weeks after you came's Joseph loving every little thing about you.

As time went on, your little personality emerged.  You were so curious from the very beginning…

3 months old and watching everything around you


Sometimes being so curious just wore you out!

As you continued to grow, you tried so hard to keep up with Joseph.  You learned to crawl quickly which was a great triumph in your eyes…finally you could chase brother down the hall!  I can still hear your giggle echoing down the hallway when he’d turn to chase you.  Oh and you discovered the art of playing with Daddy.  Rolling, tickling, chasing…

Now you’re no longer content to watch life from the sidelines.  You participate in everything we do, whether it be preschool or playing ball, we find you in the center of the action, happy to be a part of the excitement. 

Here you are as one of the Wise Men during our Epiphany celebration.


Watching the stingrays at the aquarium


Watching Signing Times on YouTube with Joseph

You’re always such a happy little boy (even happier now that you can walk and really keep up with Joseph!).  Seems like these days you and Joseph are stuck together with glue…where we find one of you, we find the other.  You follow him around, happy to do whatever he’s doing.  And the few times when he doesn’t let you play with him, you’re happy to come find me and help me in whatever way you can. 

I’ve learned now that one of the greatest battles I will always face as a mom is an internal conflict regarding the passage of time.  On one hand, I rush you, in my mind, to grow up, eager to see you learn new things, hear your 1st word, watch as your personality blossoms.  But on the other hand, I desperately try to slow down time, wanting to savor each moment.  I look at you today, one year old, and I want to stop time.  I want to always be able to see you as you are today…so full of life, so curious, so very, very happy. 

Happy Birthday my sweet little one year old!

Love, Mommy

One thought on “Dear William

  1. And a happy birthday to you William from your Grandma Cindy too. Being there at your birth was such an honor for me! I wish I could have been with you on your first birthday but I know that you had your family with you and enjoyed the day just being with Mommy, Daddy and big brother, Joseph.
    Grandma Cindy


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