Caps for Sale

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking off on blogging.  But, wait, I have a good excuse.  Joseph loves the book Caps for Sale.  Just loves it.  Walks around calling out, “Caps!  Caps for sale!  50 cents a cap!”  He’s been known to stack Daddy’s caps on his head in imitation of the peddler.  He loves to pretend to yell at the monkeys.  So inspired by his love for the peddler and all of his many caps, I’ve been skipping my blog so I could spend my time creating felt characters for Caps for Sale.  Yes, it’s taken me awhile and really I could have bought a set for $7 on e-bay, but not one single set on e-bay has all 16 monkeys, not one single set has tulip flowers to decorate the ground with, not one single set has a peddler with brads in his shoulders so that his arms move…oh, and not one single set was made especially for Joseph and William by Mommy.  I’d say that’s well worth the week I’ve skipped of blogging. 

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