A Birthday Month

We’re taking our time celebrating William’s 1st birthday.  April has become his month. 

First, we celebrated his birthday together as a family on the 10th…just the four of us with birthday muffins for breakfast (baked by Joseph!) and a few small gifts.  Grandma Nury came by to play for a little while and then we spent the day doing all the things that William loves…we played outside, we played inside, he chose the Signing Time movie to watch during lunch.  He nursed, he napped, he snuggled.  I think if he were able to talk, he’d say it was a perfect day. 

Then mid-month, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Gary came, bearing gifts, to celebrate his birthday.  So we celebrated again.  This time Grandpa Gary put together his new toys, the boys played and played and played, William chased the dogs, and again, he nursed, he napped, he snuggled.  Perfect day #2. 

Exploring his new beach quilt made just for him by Grandma Cindy


Then toward the end of the month, Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dustin, and Alex came for a visit.  This time they played and played and played.  We visited the aquarium, ate cupcakes, chased balls, shared toys, and even did a little nursing and napping (not much time for snuggling).  Perfect day #3.

Reading with Aunt Leslie

A cupcake for me?

This is very interesting.

It's even in my ear!

At the aquarium

So all that worry I allowed myself to feel over not throwing an official party for William’s 1st birthday?  Pointless.  He could care less about a party.  But to be in the spotlight for a month?  That was pure joy.  You just saw the pictures that prove it.

One thought on “A Birthday Month

  1. Yes, he looks very happy and content in each and everyone of his pictures. Oh how sweet to have these pictures and memories.


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