I forgot

I forgot.  I forgot how sad it is to lose a pet.  I forgot about the tears, the suffering, the heartache.  Now I remember.  Marley had to be put down today.  I know he was getting old.  I know he wasn’t going to live forever.  I know that he is no longer suffering from all the ailments of an old dog.  But none of that knowledge makes it any easier.  Some things in life can be reasoned away with the intellect.  But the loss of someone we love can only be felt in the heart.  And my heart is hurting. 

Marley came into our lives 14 years ago.  I’ve known Marley longer than I’ve known Daxson…longer than I’ve lived in Corpus Christi.  Marley was my nap buddy; my warm, furry friend that always snuggled up with me when I was sad; my reminder that love is sweet, forgiving, and unconditional.  I’m going to miss him.  I’m going to miss his childlike excitement, his loving kisses, his complete adoration of each of us.  But I’m going to remember, too.  I’m going to remember all the sweet memories, the happy memories, the funny memories.  And I’m going to remember that in Marley, we each found a source of true loyalty and unconditional love.  He left his mark in each of our hearts and while we may be mourning now, our hearts are rejoicing with joy to have had such a friend in life.  

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