The Beginning

Today we went to the beach.  It was William’s first time to visit the beach.  And while that adventure, in and of itself, deserves a blog, this is not it.  Instead I want to tell you about someone I met at the beach.

I met a new mommy.  She was so happy.  So blissfully in love.  So proud of her new status.  You could see it in her eyes.  You could hear it in her voice.  You could practically see the new mommy aura surrounding her.  It was beautiful. 

I am always struck by the beauty of new mommies.  The first few weeks or so of new mommyhood are spent trying to break out of the sleep-deprived, I’m-really-not-sure-what-in-the-world-I’m-doing cocoon.  But once they pass those first few weeks (or there about…some mommies adjust sooner, some take a little more time), they blossom into such beautiful creatures. They spread their wings and it’s a beautiful transformation.  It’s love in action.  It’s a powerful witness to what dying to self really is.  It’s like the beginning of any beautiful relationship…a time of complete and total surrender…a time to love each tiny aspect of the beautiful baby we helped create. 

I think we each go through seasons in mommyhood, just like we do in any relationship.  I think the first few weeks are tough.  Really tough.  Especially the first time around.  We don’t know what we’re doing.  We feel helpless, overwhelmed, unprepared.  Then our intuition kicks in and suddenly we gain confidence.  We look at that little baby and realize that if we just listen to what’s in our hearts, we will survive.  We fall in love.  Completely, totally, unconditionally.  It is spring in mommyhood.  We’ve created new life and we’re watching as it unfolds around us.  Such a beautiful season.   

So to all new mommies out there, congratulations.  You are beautiful…now spread your wings and do what you do best.  Fall in love.  Complete and total love.  And just surrender.  Surrender yourself to the sesaon of spring.

One thought on “The Beginning

  1. And to you who is not in the springtime of her mommiehood for the first time…you go ahead too and continue in the love you have for your sons. Continue in the unselfish life that you have embraced with such love and grace! You are what motherhood is all about!


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