The World of Pretend

I just love this age…Joseph’s age, that is.  Everything is fuel for his imagination.  He lives here in our world, but his mind is often times somewhere else…off in a world of pretend. 

Yesterday, mid-morning, he came to me and said, “Mommy, I’m going to be Alex.  You’ll be Auntie Leslie and Daddy can be Uncle Dustin.”  And then off he went.  I didn’t think much about it until it was time for lunch.  I called to Joseph and told him to come and wash his hands.  Nothing happened.  No pitter patter of feet in the hallway.  No response.  I tried again.  Nothing.  Then I remembered.  So I called to “Alex” and told him to come and wash his hands and suddenly little feet came running down the hall and there he was by my side.  Joseph, aka “Alex”, was ready for lunch.  And so our day went.  If I asked Joseph to do something, I received a blank stare.  If I asked “Alex” to do something, he kindly responded.  For an entire day, I was referred to as Auntie Leslie…”Auntie Leslie, can you hold Alex?  Auntie Leslie, I love you.  Auntie Leslie, Alex needs help.” and Daxson was Uncle Dustin…”Uncle Dustin, it’s time to eat.  Uncle Dustin, let’s play!”

Today I am once again Mommy, Daxson is Daddy, and our oldest little boy is Joseph.  Things are back to normal…for now at least. 

(By the way, I asked Joseph at one point yesterday, “If I’m Auntie Leslie, Daddy’s Uncle Dustin, and you’re Alex, who is William?”  He thought about it and finally look at me as if I’d asked a very silly question and replied, “He’s just William.”)

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