A Moment of Clarity

Sometimes it’s hard to really see our kids.  Sure we look at them each and every day, but that’s what makes it so hard to really see them.  We never notice the subtle changes.  We just keep trudging along, knowing in our heart that they’re growing and getting older, but not really seeing those little changes.  And then every so often, we’re offered a moment of clarity.  A moment when we suddenly look at them and notice, I mean really notice, how much they’ve grown, be it physically or mentally.

I had one of those moments the other day.  I looked at Joseph and suddenly realized how much he’s grown.  What happened to the pudgy little legs that he toddled around on for so long or the bald little head that I swore was never going to grow hair.  He’s growing so fast.  I’ve known that.  It just took me awhile to really see it.

One thought on “A Moment of Clarity

  1. OH, I sometimes wish that I could go back and see you when you were little again. They are such precious years and I am glad that you are enjoying them and also able to “see” things that are so often missed. Love, Mom


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