A Kiss

I thought we were done with that awful virus that visited Joseph last week, but it is not to be so.  Today William has a dreadful hacking cough.  At breakfast he coughed and coughed and I said to Joseph, “Oh poor William.  Now he is sick.”  Joseph responded with a simple nod of his head, seemingly uninterested.  I went on, “Now Joseph, since William is sick, you cannot kiss him, okay?  We don’t want to keep passing those germs around.”  I’m pretty sure Joseph’s world stopped for a split second.  He looked up at me with a stricken expression, tears in his eyes.  “What do you mean, Mommy?  I love to kiss William.  Oh I must kiss him.”  I sympathetically responded, “When he is all better you can kiss him.  But for now, you will have to kiss him on his cheek, okay?”  “Oh, Mommy, I will, but I hope he gets better soon…I just love to kiss him!”

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