Right Now

Right now…

I wish it were next week or last week or any week but this week.  Tomorrow is William’s surgery. 

I am praying.  I am praying for William.  I am praying for Dr. Bishop and Dr. Nguyen and asking the Lord to guide their hands.  I am praying for peace in my anxious, worried Mommy heart.

I am so grateful that Mom is here.

…I am seeking balance.  Today I am teetering between grumpy and anxious and neither look good on me.

…I am wondering how Daxson always stays so calm.

…I am asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede on William’s behalf.  The Memorare is now commited to my memory. 

…I am asking you to please remember us in your prayers tomorrow.

…I am trying desperately to put tomorrow in God’s mighty and very capable hands, knowing that if I could just let go, my heart would be filled with peace. 

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