He was tucked in tight, covered by his bright, Downy infused blanket, literally bundled in prayers.  He held tight to his little “Marley” dog and gazed adoringly up at Dr. Nguyen.  I watched as they wheeled my sweet little baby back into surgery.  And I prayed.  Because sometimes that’s all you can do.    

An hour later, Dr. Bishop and Dr. Nguyen came to give us a full report of William’s surgery and success.   He peacefully went to sleep with the anesthesia and they were able to fully remove the cyst (the lab results are already back: totally benign).  He was in recovery, still sleeping and we’d be called in as soon as he began to wake up.  

Soon we were called back and the doors opened and I heard that sweet cry before I could see him.  “Meh, may!” he cried out when he saw me.  I hesitated, not knowing proper hospital protocol.  “Can I pick him up?” I anxiously asked the nurse.  “Of course,” she replied.  I untangled him from his IV tube and wrapped him in my arms.  Nothing so sweet as the smell of your own little baby.  “It stuck.  It stuck,” he repeated over and over again, referring to the IV stuck in his hand, held in place by a board that was wrapped tightly under his hand with gauze and tape.  He snuggled as close as he could as we walked through the hallways back to the Day Surgery unit.  

Grandma Nury and Grandpa Larry met up with us outside of Recovery and, as only 2 people were allowed to accompany William into Day Surgery, they were ready to part ways with us at the entrance, but William loudly protested.  “Noohree!  Noohree!”  he called out, referring to Nury.  I passed him over to Nury and he happily settled in her arms.  There is great comfort to be found in a grandma, I’ve learned.  

Once we were back in his individual room, he reached out for me and snuggled in tight as he prepared to nurse.  Soon his eyes became heavy and he drifted off to sleep, snuggled close against my chest.  Our world was right once again. 


So William’s surgery was successful, in more ways than one.  Obviously, physically it was a huge success.  But I think there was a spiritual side to this surgery, not so much for him as for me.  I learned that in the midst of our worries and anxiety the only place we can find great peace and comfort is in the Prince of Peace.  I’d forgotten that.  How grateful I am that I’ve been reminded.  

Grandma Cindy came to pick us up. Here he is, all ready to go home.


Peacefully sleeping the day after his surgery. Dr. Bishop removed the patch and aside from some swelling and bruising, his eye looks beautiful.

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