Ice Excavation

We live in a city where the majority of the year it’s sunny and warm.  Warm might be a little bit of an understatement.  It’s usually hot.  And humid.  We hardly ever have cold days and it’s a very rare event for the temperatures to actually drop below freezing.  This week we were in for a treat.  It got cold.  Very, very cold for us.  The temperatures dropped below freezing for a few nights and we even had a day where the temperature hovered right around 31.  Oooh, so very cold. 

I wanted Joseph and William to get an idea of how cold it really was getting at night since we were all cuddled up under our down comforter, snug in our long sleeve pajamas.  So last night we filled a Pyrex pan with water and added a few sea creatures and then set it outside overnight to see what would happen.  This morning Joseph was amazed to see that the entire thing was frozen!  We brought it inside and I gave each of the boys a tool to begin excavating.  The chiseling and banging began and slowly, slowly, we were able to free our sea creatures.

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