C is for…

C is for…Columbine fairy and St. Cecelia.  After reading Serendipity’s Flower Fairy story, Joseph and William colored pictures of the Columbine fairy.  Joseph also did some copywork from the poem that is in the Flower Fairy book (which he did while listening to the Flower Fairy CD).  Then we looked up the actual wildflower in our field guide.  We read about Saint Cecelia in our Alphabet of Catholic Saints.  Joseph did some copywork and both boys colored a picture of Saint Cecelia.  We also used the picture from the book to practice the letter C formation.  We read about cherubims in Letters from Heaven

C is for…the letter C.  We practiced letter formation using the Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book, Do A Dot, Salt Dough letters, and Pin Punch letters. 

C is for…Castles.  We read about life in a castle and then used our wooden castle to act out the story.

C is for…The Constitution.  We used Betsy Maestro’s book A More Perfect Union to learn the history of the Constitution.  We’ve added the Preamble to our morning routine, right after we say the Pledge of Allegiance.  We also watched The Preamble on Schoolhouse Rock (the song is so catchy that we usually end up singing the Preamble rather than reciting it!). 

C is for…St. Christopher.  We read Tomie dePaola’s book Christopher: The Holy Giant, after which Joseph did a narration and illustration. 

C is for…colors.  We had lots of fun with colors!  We did some color clothespin matching and some color mixing

C is for…creeks. After reading Box Turtle at Long Pond, we visited a nearby creek and saw lots of turtles. 

C is for…cat.  We studied Joseph Interpreting the Dreams of His Fellow Prisoners and then did a narration and illustration.

C is for…compassion and cookies.  I found these great coloring pages and we’re including one each week along with a virtue story.  This week the theme was Compassion.  To supplement our virtue studies, we read the book Cookies: Bite Size Life Lessons …one of my absolute favorites (and the kids’ too!) 

C is for…candles and cake.  We baked a cake in honor of Auntie Leslie’s birthday and then even blew out candles. 

C is for…Connect Four and chase!

In our book baskets this week (I’m choosing one book from each basket to have Joseph do a narration and illustration of):

History (The Constitution): A More Perfect UnionIf You Were There When They Signed the Constitution 

Science (creeks): Box Turtle at Long Pond; Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean

Favorite C Books:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; Chicka Chicka 123; The Carrot Seed; Cowboy’s Secret Life; Curious George books; Clifford books; Chrysanthemum; Corduroy; Charlie Needs a Cloak; A Child’s Rule of Life

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