Outside my window…I see the light on in Daxson’s office and am wondering when he’s going to call it a night.

I am thankful…for dimpled baby hands.

I am thinking…reuniting with family is always so precious.

I am wondering…are Gavin and Andrew having a conversation here?  If they are, I imagine it goes something like this…

Gavin:  Is this to eat? 

Andrew:  Even if it is, you should try your fist instead.  Mine is quite tasty.

Gavin:  Maybe later.  I need to figure out how this thing works exactly. 

Andrew:  Try flipping it inside out.

Gavin:  Oh, yeah, I think I see what you mean.  If I just turn it this way… 

From the learning rooms…oh “g”osh, we’re having such a “g”reat week at school.  It’s G week…I’ll share details soon!

In the kitchen…fish and lentils. 

I am wearing…gray shorts and a pink t-shirt, ready for bed.

I am hoping…for cold weather soon. 

I am readingRaise Happy Children…Raise them Saints

I am hearing…the fan.  That’s it.  Silence really is golden.   

Around the house…a little postpartum nesting, if there is such a thing.  I am cleaning out toys and kitchen tools and clothes and, well, pretty much anything I can get my hands on that I don’t think anyone will miss.  Note to self:  Do not ask the kids for help in choosing toys to get rid of.  Here’s a recent conversation with Joseph.  Me:  I’m going to get rid of this xylophone.  No one uses it.  Joseph:  Oh, yes, Mommy, I use it.  Watch this.  (he hits a few keys)  See I use it.  I’m using it now.  Me:  But Joseph, you haven’t touched it in ages.  It’s a baby toy.  It only has four keys on it.  I think we can part with it.  Joseph:  Oh no, I am using it now.  (He then carried it around with him the rest of the day, afraid I might snatch it up when he put it down…it’s now back in the toy box, unused.)

One of my favorite things…early bedtimes. 

Here are some pictures for thought I am sharing…from our trip to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago. 

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