Summer Daybook

Outside my window…it’s rainy. Oh so rainy. As in, rain every day for the last week. Downpours and sprinkles and gusts of wind. We haven’t floated away {yet} but we have managed to get muddy, lose our electricity for almost 12 hours and make remarkable use out of our rainboots and raincoats (that typically collect dust here in the summer months).

I am remembering…the last time I wrote a Daybook. December of 2019. I was sure I wrote a recent one, but the most recent one I could find was simply a draft of one I began in March of 2020 called Pandemic Daybook. I just up and quit in the middle of it, as if a sweeping plague was more important than the little moments that make up my life. Hindsight is a glorious thing. Of course leaving a year and a half unwritten is telling in and of itself. But I’ll save those thoughts for a different post.

I am thankful for…would it be too hypocritical of me to wax gratitude about the glorious rain even though a moment ago I almost seemed ungrateful? Because the truth is, I enjoy the rain. I relish the view from the window. I love the excuse to snuggle up with a book {completely guilt free} and I am incredibly grateful for the vibrant green I see peeking out of every outdoor corner right now. This is the first summer in South Texas that I have ever NOT had to water my garden yet it still overflows with beautiful green, healthy plants. Water is an amazing thing.

*Lest you think I’m kidding about how well my garden grows, here’s proof…we returned from Colorado and I’m pretty sure I heard a voice in the yard saying “Feed me, Seymour.” It’s now all been cut back and it looks respectable to the neighbors, but it was a wild jungle there for a brief moment.

I am watching…children grow.  And grow. And grow. Mostly my own, but those we’ve known for years, too. And like the wise old crone of fairy tales, I’m finally beginning to understand how quickly time passes. There is wisdom (but no comfort) in knowing that “the present moment is all you ever have” (Eckhart Tolle).

I am wondering…how I have never heard of this novel until now. Glad it came across my radar and that Joseph and I are able to enjoy it together.

I am hoping…you won’t mind if I share a bit of my herbal journey with you. Pop over to my herbal school’s website to read my herbal bio and celebrate my Student of the Month accomplishment with me! {I still remember being student of the month in 2nd grade and filling out the poster that would hang near our classroom door for one long glorious month…this blog post, while not as messy as my poster circa 1988 with all the glitter, glue and crayons I used, was still just as rewarding to write!}

I am pondering…the beauty of my new planner. You know when the box it arrives in speaks such wisdom, it’s going to be a fruit filled year.

I am laughing…about this sleeping dog…maybe he has been watching me sleep with my mouth open?

I am planting…well there’s not much room left to plant anything so we are just reaping what we’ve sown. And it’s all delicious. (Pickles are just about ready, too!)

I am reflecting…on this kid and admiring his ability to march to the beat of his own drum.

Around the house…it’s pretty routine over here these days. Our summer vacation officially ended on June 27th and we started our new school year on the 28th (Katie in 3rd grade; Andrew in 5th grade; William in 7th grade; Joseph in (!!) 9th grade). We’ve spent the last two weeks just carving out routine again. And it’s quite lovely, if you ask my opinion. I love routine.

I am wearing…black capris and a Green Ember t-shirt (yep, that’s right…)

We are preparing for…nothing. And it’s just glorious. Birthday season has come and gone. Maybe I’ll think about stocking up on some water since we’re knee deep in hurricane season, but other than that, there’s nothing big on the horizon (unless I try to pinpoint what the next annoying 2020/21 thing could be…but I wasn’t able to predict the pandemic or the freeze of February 2021 or the crazy rain back in May that caused our city’s dam to break or the wild rain we’ve had this past week so I’m guessing all my predicting would be wasted effort…I’d prefer to just plug along day by day over here).

Someday I am going to miss…snuggling with this guy.

I am reading…Metaphor-phosis by (one of my amazing teachers at East West!) Lesley Tierra and Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher (SERIOUSLY, SO good).

One of my favorite things…mountains. And me in them. {This trip deserves a post all of its own so I’ll add that to my “to blog about” list and share it with you soon}.

A peek into my day

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December Daybook

Outside my window…it’s cold.  It’s a temporary coldness, though…by Friday, we’ll be back up to 80.  One day we’re bundled up, the next we’re back in shorts and ready for the beach.  Oh the joy of the constant flux in temperature in South Texas.

I am remembering…Christmas 3 years ago.

Mom had just returned from a long, unplanned stay at the hospital, we were dealing with water issues in our city (again) and my children were miniature versions of their current selves.  I’m still incredibly grateful for Mom’s recovery.  I’m in awe of how quickly my children have grown.  And I’m still giggling over this note left for Santa…

I am thankful for…recitals and performances that allow these budding musicians to shine.  In the past month, the children played for the local Music Club, performed in the hymn festival (and all earned gold stars) and joyfully performed Christmas carols (mostly) for family (and friends) at the Christmas recital.

I am watching…children grow.  Nature unfold.  Life through others’ eyes.  I am learning to be still.

I am wondering…how some people seriously make it look so easy.

I am hoping…if you’re local, you’ll join me next week at the Oso Preserve where I will attempt to squeeze a million amazing facts about local medicinal herbs into a one hour presentation. 

I am pondering…the upcoming Winter Solstice.

I am laughing…at this ridiculously accurate depiction of how my kids felt about their gingerbread houses.

I am planting…nothing new right now.  Just keeping the medicinal herbs I planted in the summer alive and reaping the benefits of having medicine at my fingertips in my own backyard.

I am reflecting…on this quote from Charlotte Mason…”We all have need to be trained to see, and to have our eyes opened before we can take in the joy that is meant for us in this beautiful life.”

Around the house…beautiful decorations, twinkling lights and Advent stories to fill our souls.

I am wearing…a fluffy robe.  Because it’s actually cold enough today for one.

We are preparing for…a visit from Granny, a whole bunch of Nutcracker madness, and a Savior to be born on Christmas Day.

Someday I am going to miss…this.

I am reading…The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton for book club and a whole lot of books about Chinese medicine for my herbal studies.

One of my favorite things…the puppies over at The Puppy House.

A peek into my day

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August Daybook

Outside my window…there’s a whole lot of fun going on in the pool.

I am remembering…a visit with The Fabachers.  And to think it all began with a dinner at Bennigans

august-daybook-fabachers-with-every-intention august-daybook-fabachers-with-every-intention

I am thankful for…time spent with my sister.

I am watching…this squirrel.  I just about had a scare when I first saw him sprawled out like that…I thought I was going to have to scrape him off the front walk.  Apparently he was cooling off.

I am wondering…what these two were thinking.  It almost seemed as though they were looking in a mirror.

I am hoping…for rain.  It’s been a dry, dry summer.

I am pondering…the idea of another herbal make-and-take.

I am laughing…about this photo…

I am planting…medicinal herbs.  My sister found us a place in Austin that grows herbs…medicinal herbs.  And they have tons of transplants.  Now I just have to see if I can keep them alive.

I am reflecting…on the idea that all boobs are good boobs.

In the schoolroom…It’s always rough starting a new school year in July when everyone else is still lounging by the pool but it sure feels good when I start seeing first day of school photos and know that we’ve already gotten 6 weeks done.


Around the house…reading.  I’m reading.  They’re reading.  We’re reading.  It’s all good.

I am wearing…a bathing suit.  Because who can resist a dip in the pool with so many eager little people?

We are preparing for…the Redwoods.

Someday I am going to miss…lizards in this kid’s pockets.

I am reading…a whole lot of random books.  Random only in that I feel a little all over the place as far as what I’m reading to stay ahead of my kids.  Not random as in unplanned.  All of the books on each of the school shelves this year are there on purpose…lots of thought and love went into planning book lists this year thanks to my ADE consultation and any tweaks I made using The Plenary’s form guides.   (These photos do not do credit to the rich and beautiful education my children are receiving.  Charlotte Mason is about so much more than just a list of books.  Thanks to the suggestions of wise folks like the ladies at ADE and Rachel over at A CM Plenary, our year is bound to be a journey that takes us all a little deeper in our educations…it is full of the good, the truth and the beauty.  The books pictured here are only the tip of the iceberg for us.  )

One of my favorite things…the sun coming in through the school room window in the morning.

A peek into my day

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February Daybook

Outside my window…it is beautiful.  Spring is in the air.  It may be cloudy outside today, but sunny days are soon to come.

I am remembering…those chubby little arms and cheeks, that chipped front tooth, those golden curls and I am wondering why it all passes by so quickly.

I am thankful for…remembering I grew edible flowers for a reason.  It makes me happy to look down at my food and be greeted with the cheeriness of spring.


I am watching…for snakes everywhere I step.  Last year I had a run-in with a rattlesnake while we were at Big Bend and I swore I never wanted to repeat that.  Yet I have…I almost stepped on one again.  We went out to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge last week to see if we could spot some Whooping Cranes.  No luck with cranes.  Plenty of alligators (too close for comfort), a rattlesnake and a couple of tick bites later and I’m not sure spotting a crane would have been worth it.  Oh who am I kidding?  It totally would have been worth it.

I naively thought that this little guy that we saw from the “Alligator Viewing” bridge was the only one in the park. Far from it. He’s got plenty of friends out there.

Here are two of the five we saw on our hike along Heron Flats Trail. It was a good day for reptiles to sun themselves apparently.

My lethal friend…he and I are both glad I didn’t take one step to the right. And I really never want to see a snake hissing at me in such close range again. Ever.

He clearly wasn’t a fan of me either…or the crowd I attracted with my proclamation of “ooh!  ooh!  ooh!” He hightailed it into the bushes.

I am wondering…why I can’t seem to remember that not everyone asks for my help.  Not everything is my problem.  I need to repeat that many, many times (and hope it sticks).

I am hoping…to get started on my new herbal course soon.  It’s sitting there taunting me with its sheer volume.

I am pondering…the question Mary Oliver asked in her poem The Summer Day (“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?“) and soaking up the interesting thoughts from this author of Everyone forgets about Mary Oliver’s Grasshopper.

I am laughing…because I’m not sure Choo-Chi realized what he was in for when he jumped up on that trampoline.

I am planting…seeds from Strictly Medicinal again.  This time we’re attempting their Hoedown Seed Collection.  Hoping I remember to water them.

I am reflecting…on some of Mary Oliver’s poetry.  It’s been a long time since I’ve read poetry and connected with it.  It’s been an even longer time since I’ve read poetry and felt inspired to write some of my own.  Her work is so beautiful…it’s like she knows what’s in my heart.

In the schoolroom…we just entered our third and final term of the year.  I’ve completed a consultation with the ladies at A Delectable Education and have already begun browsing used book shelves in search of next year’s books.  It has been a beautiful and fruitful year.  Next year will be bursting with even more goodness…Katie will officially join us in our studies.

Around the house…I “Marie Kondo”ed the baby clothes…all that beautiful empty space.  I’ve now managed to fill it with books that we aren’t currently using.  The emptiness was lovely while it lasted.

I am wearing…black pants and this flowy sheer top that has a lime green camisole sewn into it.  Very much not my style but sometimes random hand-me-downs are a surprisingly good excuse to stretch my boundaries.

We are preparing for…spring.  Glorious warm days.  Sunny days.  Blooming flowers, sprouting weeds, chirping birds.  And mosquitoes…oh how I dread the mosquitoes.

Someday I am going to miss…bike riding with these little people.

I am readingThe Road Back to You, still trying to figure out which enneagram number I am, a little afraid that I fit so many profiles that I’m clearly a new, undiscovered number.  

One of my favorite things…camping, camping, camping.  If it were up to me, I’d camp my entire life.  I’d need some kind of laundry solution because not doing laundry is my usual camping laundry plan (and running out of underwear is usually the reason I go home) and I think I’d need to consider training my kids to be chiropractors because I think eventually that air mattress would do my back in, but other than that, I’d happily spend my life driving and camping.

A peek into my day…(leaving my phone unattended is never a good idea)

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Outside my window…it is beautiful.  And sunny.  75 degrees.  Completely not normal January weather, but I’m not complaining.  I’m storing up these beautiful days in my memory for when the gloomy winter days begin again.  

I am remembering…January 3 years ago.  Katie hadn’t yet knocked out that infamous front tooth and she still had curls.  Andrew was just as big-eyed and expressive as today.  William was still just as inquisitive, always with a look of thought on his little face.  Joseph had a mop of curly hair and his same joyous sense of adventure.

I am thankful for…kids that still like to be pulled in the wagon (and a husband that will still pull them).

I am watching…this little girl re-enact the Christmas story (over and over again) with these adorable peg dolls from WoodnPlaytime on Etsy.  The animals in this story laugh a lot and often…I’d like to think that those present at the birth of Jesus found plenty of reasons to laugh and be JOYFUL.

I am wondering…what Willa doll thinks about being thrown into this crazy family.  

I am hoping…we all stop coughing and start sleeping again soon.  I’m tired.

I am pondering…this absolutely revolting thought that pathological consumption has become so normalized that we don’t even notice it.  So, so scary.  

I am praying…Grandma Morgan.  Peace, comfort, acceptance.  Please pray for her with me.

I am laughing…(now) at the drama that took place at breakfast.  William doesn’t like orange juice and he doesn’t like fried potatoes.  I like both.  So I often serve both.  So today I’m minding my own business, eating my breakfast taco (with fried potatoes) and drinking my orange juice when all of a sudden William pops up from his chair and red in the face is crying “help!”  He was choking.  On a fried potato.  That he used in a tutorial to Joseph to show him “How to Swallow a Fried Potato Whole and Get Rid of Your Orange Juice”.  Luckily all the orange juice came back out and the potato made it down.  Seriously….what.was.he.thinking?

I am admiringMystie Winkler and her Humble Habits program.  It’s the first program of hers that I’ve taken.  I love that she’s upfront about being a slob by nature but being able to overcome that tendency.  I’ve let things go since becoming a mom that really do matter to me and I’m hoping to take back some of those things this year.

I am planting…actually, nothing.  I am still watering what’s growing…calendula, Italian parsley, cilantro and some other culinary herbs.  I’m waiting to see what spring weeds pop up in my garden.

I am reflecting…on how there are no more “villages” to help us raise our kids anymore and how we, as mothers, suffer from this tragedy.

In the schoolroom…this is our first week back after the holidays.  Bookshelves are (somewhat) organized, lesson plans are made, pencils are (not) sharpened.

Around the house…I just sprayed Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener and burnt some incense…trying to clear out the closed house smell and kill off all the roosting germs around here.

In the kitchen…soups, vegetables, whole grains, repeat.

I am wearing…an olive and tan striped skirt my talented sister-in-law gifted me a few years ago with a black Gap fitted shirt (and tan footies because my feet are always cold…even when it’s a balmy 75 degrees outside (which it totally is).

We are preparing for…a busy spring.  Hopefully full but not too full (like that year we signed up for everything!)

Someday I am going to miss…the pure excitement on their faces at Christmas.


I am readingThe Distant Hours by Kate Morton (I’m totally already sucked in) and The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber.  

One of my favorite things

A peek into my day

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Outside my window…it is mid-80s and beautiful but oh so full of mosquitoes!

I am remembering…National Good Neighbor Day.  Yep, that’s really a thing (which I learned about from this fabulous book that will leave you finding reasons to fall in love with your city).

The kids spent the morning baking cookies…which ended up being a bake-off sponsored by Andrew…winner got a free back rub from him {which is seriously a prize worth winning!}.  The boys won with their butterscotch cookies…apparently butterscotch chips were much more exciting than the chocolate chips that Katie and I used (personally I preferred the chocolate chip cookies, but that could be my jealousy talking…I was really hoping to win that back rub).  The afternoon was spent making pictures and decorating notes to tell our neighbors just how much we love them.  Of course, the best part was delivering it all.  

I am thankful for…that there are people in this world willing to dissect animals with my kids.  


I am watching…nothing these days.  I’m trying to catch up on my reading.

I am wondering…why, at 37, I still often get up from bed and go straight to the couch…oh wait, I think it’s because I can’t resist snuggling all of these warm little bodies.  Usually it’s just me and Midnight for a bit and then William bounces out around 7, followed closely by Joseph.  At some point, Katie and Andrew sleepily walk in and climb into the only quiet and subdued moment of our day.  

I am hoping…Katie outgrows this phase of walking around and saying, “I have nothing TO DO” before I go crazy.

I am pondering…all of these plants around me.  So.many.amazing.plants. 

I am praying… that I successfully fill my children’s days and memories with wonder, beauty and truth and trust that their endings will turn out as amazing as I imagine them to be…oh how I wish I could write the endings myself.

I am laughing…about this video put together by my brother-in-law, Dustin.  William was seriously so enamored when he watched it…I wish I had recorded his face.  It’s William’s dream…to be in a movie where he’s shooting spells (curse that Harry Potter).  William happens to be the kid with a bit of OCD…so we now have about 15 wands that he’s whittled, painted and decorated to perfection.

I am admiring…Daxson for overcoming his hatred of sand and taking us out to barbecue at the beach this weekend.  I could seriously spend every waking moment at the beach and be a happy person.  

I am planting…seeds for a medicinal garden.  It’s probably not the right time of year for them or maybe it’s too hot or too late, but then again, they’re all technically considered weeds, so maybe it’ll all work out.

I am reflecting…on a visit from Auntie Jane and Neva this past weekend.  

In the schoolroom…we began brainstorming today for our oral history family project…I’m excited to see what blooms from such a process.

Around the house…I am asking the kids {right this moment} to pick up every.single.tiny.Lego for the umpteenth time today.  Oh and the pencils.  Why?  Why are there at least 14 pencils on the floor at the end of every day?

In the kitchen…I suppose I should consider cooking something for dinner.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a long sleeve gray shirt.  And sometimes leg warmers because this 80 degree weather is apparently making me cold.

We are preparing for…a fall camping trip.  I hope.  Life is busy and the mosquitoes are crazy, but we are craving the outdoors and the simplicity of a week in the woods.

Someday I am going to miss…this little gang of boys begging to go for a walk to the duck pond.  

I am readingKnow and Tell, Summer of the Monkeys (Joseph’s recommendation), and listening to 12 Rules for Life.  

One of my favorite things…Auntie Jane.  She has always been one of my favorites 😉  


A peek into my day…Katie’s friend Eza went with us to ballet yesterday and the two of us kept our faces plastered to the window delighting in Katie’s every move.  It was nice to see the repetition of her ballet class through fresh little eyes.  Every now and then Eza would leave the window to mimic Katie’s dance steps…I seriously wanted to join her.  

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Spring Daybook

In my backyard…we have had some beautiful visitors…

I am remembering…how lovely the boys played at the Performing Arts Center in March and then a month later in their year-end final recital.  We are so very thankful for such a beautiful year of growth.

I am grateful who love nature.  

I am in love…with nature this spring.  So many wildflowers.  So many birds.  So many things I have never noticed.  I am so thankful for our Charlotte Mason way of life.  

I am watchingHomeland, Season 2 and getting a little freaked out by the whole idea that an unknown terrorist could somehow deceive the people and find himself elected and in a position to kill ideas.

I am listening… to Velva Jean Learns to Drive.

I am laughing…at this.  And I am thankful that a box, some wood and some old wheels make these kids this happy.  

I am reflecting…on this from a fortune cookie, thinking of how often I doubt myself, how often I lack trust in my decisions.  Maybe this is the Universe’s way of reminding me that I have an internal barometer that I should tune into more often.

In the schoolroom…we’re wrapping up our year.  Just another few weeks to go and then we’ll take a few weeks off to gather our thoughts and prepare for a new year of adventure.

I am a little sad…to think that this kid is growing up.  He’ll turn 11 next month.  This past week he went with his Youth Odyssey group on a kayaking trip.  The seven kids that showed up for the trip are my new heroes…the winds that day were on average 22 mph with gusts up to 34 mph.  That kind of wind requires serious rowing.  I would have been worn out…they came back still smiling and delighted with their accomplishment.  

Around the house…the laundry is waiting.  Lunch needs to be made.  But I am stealing this moment for this blog.  Because I wish I could bottle up all these moments to remember them later on…blogging is the closest I can get.

In the kitchen…fresh blueberries are washed and patiently waiting to be baked into a pie courtesy of Andrew.

I am wearing…an amazing new bracelet.  (How did I get so lucky to have such an awesome friend who not only teaches me so much about natural living but also makes some pretty darn cool things!)

We are preparing for…Katie’s ballet recital.  {sigh}

Someday I am going to miss…this look.  It’s a pretty standard face to make when Pappy measures them on his wall of measurements.  It’s the “if I suck it in and make my eyes super big then I’ll gain height”…a flawed but cute theory.  I love that there is an entire wall that documents the growth of all of these babies over the year.  

One of my favorite things…this kid.

A peek into my day…an utter failure at a family self-portrait…one kid walked out of the frame, the dog was distracted by a fly and not realizing I had set the camera for 10 quick shots, I began to panic wondering if the camera secretly had a plan of its own.  10 shots and not a single good one.  

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March Daybook

In my backyard…it is a perfect spring day.  Low humidity, beautiful sunshine.  Oh how I’ve missed these days!

I am remembering…our last ride out to the University.  It was a bit of a rushed ride but so many things in bloom.  I’m looking forward to Spring and long days outdoors again.  

I am grateful for...this sweet smile.

I am watching…Elementary Season 4…I tried to quit after season 3, but there was a cliffhanger and I just had to keep going.  I’m imagining crime scenes everywhere I go so this can’t be a completely healthy hobby.  I’ve also been sneaking in a late night episode of Gilmore Girls each night (season 1).

I am listening…to Before We Were Yours.

I am laughing…as I remember this particular afternoon at a friend’s house.  Belle and Joe had constructed a “jump through the hoop” type game and my kids thought it was the funniest game ever.  Lots of giggling.

I am reflecting…on this beautiful Valentine I received this year from Joey.

In the schoolroom…we did a little mini study on the Olympics and included some chalk pastel lessons.  It’s been fun to see the kids work with the pastels and delight in their beautiful creations…

Around the house…I wish I could say it’s clean and the laundry is folded and put away and the counters sparkle, but that wouldn’t be completely true.  The laundry is folded, the house is mostly clean, but the counters are not sparkling…I’m still scraping off the play-doh from this morning’s activities.

In the kitchen…meatloaf.  Nothing beats a meatloaf with crispy bacon on top.

I am wearing…some kind of flowing blouse.  It has a bright yellow fitted lining and it has a pale ivory flowing fabric on top.  It’s a beautiful top and one I would never spend money on as I’m sure I will drip something on it or a kid will spill something on it before long, but my neighbor brought over a bag of clothes from her daughter (who by the way is half my age) and I found all kinds of treasures in it (I also found mini-skirts that would barely cover my backside and tops that I’m still trying to figure out exactly what my bust size would need to be to hold them up, all of which have been passed along to younger, trendier people than myself).  Plain black shorts on my bottom half.  Bare feet with hot pink toenails lovingly painted by Katie.  Ooh and a necklace given to me years ago by Mom.  (It could be worse…I could be tied up in pink silk with a hairband for a belt like some people around here…)

We are preparing for…a trip to Ohio this summer.  It’ll be one with lots of miles, lots of adventure and lots of love as we plan to see all of the Holland side of the family.  I look forward to introducing Fremont to my children through my parents’ eyes.

Someday I am going to miss…looking up from washing dishes and seeing this from my kitchen window…

One of my favorite things…an incredibly patient dog.

A peek into my day



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Outside my window…four little readers have all found a spot to enjoy the beautiful sun and a good read.

I am remembering…Katie when she had all her baby teeth and those beautiful golden curls.  

I am thankful for…sunny days, blue skies and a beautiful bay nearby.

I am watching…Elementary again as we finished Outlander Season 2.

I am wondering…if this girl will always be all about glitter and pink.  This was her latest project from “the bubble store.”  Every week since September, on our way to ballet, we drive past “the bubble store,” a locally owned craft store with a pink storefront decorated with bubbles and every week since September, Katie has begged to go into “the bubble store.”  Finally last week, I acquiesced, not knowing what was in store for us.  Styrofoam, tons of glitter and adorable little crafty things were lining the shelves.  We did not walk about empty handed, obviously.  So Katie browsed and browsed and browsed and finally collected all the items to make this incredibly pink, glittery wall hanging.  It does fit her personality, though, and makes her bedroom walls look so fancy.  

I am hoping…for spring weather.  I am hoping we don’t go straight from cold, gloomy days to miserably hot days.  A nice spring interlude would be ever so wonderful.

I am pondering… busy-ness and how it’s an American epidemic.  All these thoughts are in my heart and I promise to share them soon on With Every Intention.  

I am laughing…along with Katie at the way the wind caught her hair.  

I am planting…weeds ; )  Because some weeds are beautifully useful and medicinal.  So I’m okay with weeds.  And that’s what’s going in the garden this spring.

I am reflecting…on this thought that I read on New Years Day this year…”Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

In the schoolroom…One more week and it’ll be the end of another 6 weeks (which for us means a week off as we Sabbath school…6 weeks on, 1 week off).  Lots of progress happening over here…from reading lessons to Plutarch and everything in between.

Around the house…lots of tinctures brewing and a new batch of water kefir rehydrating.  

In the kitchen…William begged to bake doughnuts one morning for breakfast and then Katie, inspired by the sprinkles on the doughnuts, made some delicious sugar cookies (complete with frosting colored pink purely by beet powder)….despite their extreme girliness, I have noticed none of the boys have had any trouble eating them ; ) 

I am wearing…jeans and a raspberry colored 3/4 length sleeve soft cotton tee.  My feet are clad in thick socks to keep warm on these chilly tile floors.

We are preparing for…a week of homeschooling in the woods soon.

Someday I am going to miss…all the excitement of losing a tooth!  Katie lost her first tooth a few weeks ago (well technically, she lost her first tooth a few years ago! but that was an accident…this was her first tooth to fall out naturally) and she was so excited.  It fell out while she was eating a bowl of ice cream and rejoiced in the idea that I, too, had lost a tooth just like that when I was her age.  She hid it in her tooth fairy pillow under her pillow and I was awakened around 2 am with a delighted little child.  She couldn’t believe that the tooth fairy had come to visit and “how did she get under my pillow?  I never felt her lift my head!”  Katie is now one tooth short, two dollars richer and has a heart filled with imagination and delight.

I am readingMurder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (it’s my first of her novels!) and the first book in the Wingfeather saga…Joseph is excited to go have tea and discuss it with me ; )  (I’m just excited that he’s excited about something beyond Beast Quest!)  

One of my favorite things…this kid and his bigger than average feelings.  When this kid is angry, he’s really angry.  When he’s sad, he’s really sad.  But when he loves, oh how he really loves.

A peek into my day

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Outside my window…it is gloomy and cold.  So, so cold!

I am remembering…a bountiful Thanksgiving feast at Mom and Dad’s.  Sometimes Dad brines the turkey, sometimes he roasts it, and sometimes he deep fries it (my favorite!).  This was a year to deep fry the turkey (yay!) so all the boys got a lesson in deep frying.

The table was set beautifully and the feast was spread before a very grateful crowd…

I am thankful for…moments like this.  Family, fall weather, festivities.

I am watching…Hallmark movies at night after the kids go to bed.  Dax and I really enjoyed The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (which was from 2008) and there were a few we liked that were new this year like A Gift to Remember and Switched for Christmas (although I still haven’t managed to see the ending of that one!).  Oh and I liked Christmas Next Door.  I really need to do something better with my time in the evening (my pile of books to be read is growing exponentially!) but I really enjoyed the mindlessness and delight of all those Christmas movies!

I am wondering…why my kids are sometimes the best of friends and then two minutes later they are the worst of enemies.  These sibling relationships seem very complicated.

I am hoping…that 2018 is a good year for my With Every Intention website.  Dad says hope is not a strategy so I have lots of good blog posts rolling around in my head thinking that will probably spark inspiration over there faster than hope will!

I am pondering… the idea to listen and reflect .  You’ll have to scroll down a bit to see her reflection, but it’s totally worth the read.  I, too, am super quick to talk and assume…I’m actually terrible at listening and reflecting, but I’m open to trying to change.  Let’s see how that goes.   (And while you’re over there, I strongly recommend you read Karen’s reflection about a New Kind of Resolution.  Completely worth the time.)  

I am praying…for peace, love and prosperity for 2018.

I am laughing…about Katie.  We are having to draw some privacy lines around here so the other day she bursts into the bathroom and kindly announces, “You need privacy.”  Gee, thanks for the announcement although she did actually give me some so I guess it worked out.

I am admiring…the women of the 1800s.  Seriously, what is not to admire?  The kids and I are reading a biography about Kit Carson and in the first chapter they had to quickly pack up the entire cabin as the Indians were on the warpath.  I can barely pack a suitcase for us to go to Austin and that still takes me days.  Then they had to rush to the fort for protection.  And live there for months only to return to their land and find their homes burned down by the Indians.  Eek!  And here I am hoarding craft materials just in case I get bored on a rainy day.

I am planting…nothing and apparently killing everything this season.  Although on a good note, we did get lots of oranges and lemons from our citrus trees.

I am reflecting…on the idea of setting intentions instead of making resolutions.

In the schoolroom…we started back to school today, on January 1st (that’s right, we schooled on a holiday…it’s cold and we wanted to start the new year with a lovely day of reading and snuggling).  We’re still working our way through our book list from my consultation with A Delectable Education, but we have recaptured our Morning Time a bit, thanks to the encouragement in Cindy Rollins’ book Mere Motherhood.  I’m also anxious to re-read Volume 1 of CM’s works, Home Education, and follow along with the ladies over at A Charlotte Mason Plenary and their online session.  Accountability and support are always helpful when studying CM in all her original wise words.

Around the house…Christmas gifts are put away, school room is cleaned up, laundry is folded and sorted.  A glass of wine is in my future.

In the kitchen…lots of loving meals prepared by family and friends.  All the love in these meals makes my heart happy and my tummy full.

I am wearing…black pants and a long sleeve forest green shirt…comfy clothes.  Oh and socks.  Socks that have a reward ribbon on them that say “Got Out of Bed Champion”.  I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

We are preparing for…dinner at Yaya and Grandpa’s.  Octopus is on the menu.  Hmm, I think chicken legs are the back-up…thank goodness.

Someday I am going to miss…reading aloud to my kids…I dread the day they outgrow listening to a story being read aloud.  

I am readingThe Orchid House (for book club), With God in Russia, The Flying Carpet and Voyager (I just can’t stop reading this series).  

One of my favorite things…watching the boys grow in their Handicraft skills.


A peek into my day

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