Outside my window…it is mid-80s and beautiful but oh so full of mosquitoes!

I am remembering…National Good Neighbor Day.  Yep, that’s really a thing (which I learned about from this fabulous book that will leave you finding reasons to fall in love with your city).

The kids spent the morning baking cookies…which ended up being a bake-off sponsored by Andrew…winner got a free back rub from him {which is seriously a prize worth winning!}.  The boys won with their butterscotch cookies…apparently butterscotch chips were much more exciting than the chocolate chips that Katie and I used (personally I preferred the chocolate chip cookies, but that could be my jealousy talking…I was really hoping to win that back rub).  The afternoon was spent making pictures and decorating notes to tell our neighbors just how much we love them.  Of course, the best part was delivering it all.  

I am thankful for…that there are people in this world willing to dissect animals with my kids.  


I am watching…nothing these days.  I’m trying to catch up on my reading.

I am wondering…why, at 37, I still often get up from bed and go straight to the couch…oh wait, I think it’s because I can’t resist snuggling all of these warm little bodies.  Usually it’s just me and Midnight for a bit and then William bounces out around 7, followed closely by Joseph.  At some point, Katie and Andrew sleepily walk in and climb into the only quiet and subdued moment of our day.  

I am hoping…Katie outgrows this phase of walking around and saying, “I have nothing TO DO” before I go crazy.

I am pondering…all of these plants around me.  So.many.amazing.plants. 

I am praying… that I successfully fill my children’s days and memories with wonder, beauty and truth and trust that their endings will turn out as amazing as I imagine them to be…oh how I wish I could write the endings myself.

I am laughing…about this video put together by my brother-in-law, Dustin.  William was seriously so enamored when he watched it…I wish I had recorded his face.  It’s William’s dream…to be in a movie where he’s shooting spells (curse that Harry Potter).  William happens to be the kid with a bit of OCD…so we now have about 15 wands that he’s whittled, painted and decorated to perfection.

I am admiring…Daxson for overcoming his hatred of sand and taking us out to barbecue at the beach this weekend.  I could seriously spend every waking moment at the beach and be a happy person.  

I am planting…seeds for a medicinal garden.  It’s probably not the right time of year for them or maybe it’s too hot or too late, but then again, they’re all technically considered weeds, so maybe it’ll all work out.

I am reflecting…on a visit from Auntie Jane and Neva this past weekend.  

In the schoolroom…we began brainstorming today for our oral history family project…I’m excited to see what blooms from such a process.

Around the house…I am asking the kids {right this moment} to pick up every.single.tiny.Lego for the umpteenth time today.  Oh and the pencils.  Why?  Why are there at least 14 pencils on the floor at the end of every day?

In the kitchen…I suppose I should consider cooking something for dinner.

I am wearing…gray shorts and a long sleeve gray shirt.  And sometimes leg warmers because this 80 degree weather is apparently making me cold.

We are preparing for…a fall camping trip.  I hope.  Life is busy and the mosquitoes are crazy, but we are craving the outdoors and the simplicity of a week in the woods.

Someday I am going to miss…this little gang of boys begging to go for a walk to the duck pond.  

I am readingKnow and Tell, Summer of the Monkeys (Joseph’s recommendation), and listening to 12 Rules for Life.  

One of my favorite things…Auntie Jane.  She has always been one of my favorites 😉  


A peek into my day…Katie’s friend Eza went with us to ballet yesterday and the two of us kept our faces plastered to the window delighting in Katie’s every move.  It was nice to see the repetition of her ballet class through fresh little eyes.  Every now and then Eza would leave the window to mimic Katie’s dance steps…I seriously wanted to join her.  

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One thought on “Daybook

  1. I am so glad to see all of the pictures and glad that Jane got down for a visit. It is so nice to see life through your eyes as I watch- from a distance-my grandchildren grow. Love you all,


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