Spring Daybook

In my backyard…we have had some beautiful visitors…

I am remembering…how lovely the boys played at the Performing Arts Center in March and then a month later in their year-end final recital.  We are so very thankful for such a beautiful year of growth.

I am grateful for...kids who love nature.  

I am in love…with nature this spring.  So many wildflowers.  So many birds.  So many things I have never noticed.  I am so thankful for our Charlotte Mason way of life.  

I am watchingHomeland, Season 2 and getting a little freaked out by the whole idea that an unknown terrorist could somehow deceive the people and find himself elected and in a position to kill ideas.

I am listening… to Velva Jean Learns to Drive.

I am laughing…at this.  And I am thankful that a box, some wood and some old wheels make these kids this happy.  

I am reflecting…on this from a fortune cookie, thinking of how often I doubt myself, how often I lack trust in my decisions.  Maybe this is the Universe’s way of reminding me that I have an internal barometer that I should tune into more often.

In the schoolroom…we’re wrapping up our year.  Just another few weeks to go and then we’ll take a few weeks off to gather our thoughts and prepare for a new year of adventure.

I am a little sad…to think that this kid is growing up.  He’ll turn 11 next month.  This past week he went with his Youth Odyssey group on a kayaking trip.  The seven kids that showed up for the trip are my new heroes…the winds that day were on average 22 mph with gusts up to 34 mph.  That kind of wind requires serious rowing.  I would have been worn out…they came back still smiling and delighted with their accomplishment.  

Around the house…the laundry is waiting.  Lunch needs to be made.  But I am stealing this moment for this blog.  Because I wish I could bottle up all these moments to remember them later on…blogging is the closest I can get.

In the kitchen…fresh blueberries are washed and patiently waiting to be baked into a pie courtesy of Andrew.

I am wearing…an amazing new bracelet.  (How did I get so lucky to have such an awesome friend who not only teaches me so much about natural living but also makes some pretty darn cool things!)

We are preparing for…Katie’s ballet recital.  {sigh}

Someday I am going to miss…this look.  It’s a pretty standard face to make when Pappy measures them on his wall of measurements.  It’s the “if I suck it in and make my eyes super big then I’ll gain height”…a flawed but cute theory.  I love that there is an entire wall that documents the growth of all of these babies over the year.  

One of my favorite things…this kid.

A peek into my day…an utter failure at a family self-portrait…one kid walked out of the frame, the dog was distracted by a fly and not realizing I had set the camera for 10 quick shots, I began to panic wondering if the camera secretly had a plan of its own.  10 shots and not a single good one.  

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One thought on “Spring Daybook

  1. Oh my gosh, I am still laughing. That is a fantastic blog. It shows the normalcy of life and it is great. I LOVE ALL MY GRANDKIDS!


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