Hot as Heck Texas Daybook

In my backyard…there’s a whole lot of splashing going on in our pool.  It’

I am remembering…our last camping trip in the spring.  Just waiting {impatiently} for cooler weather so we can go again.

I am grateful for…finding such amazing, patient music teachers for the boys.  The boys are all thriving in their lessons and I love the sound of music in our home as they pull out their instruments and practice each day.

I am watching…The Truth About Cancer documentary.  The problem with knowledge is you can never go back to being ignorant.  And, of course, as with any new way of thinking, I find myself questioning everything said, wondering what and whom to trust.

I am listening…to Princess Academy.  This has been on my “to read” list for awhile and it was on Audible’s amazing kid’s sale so I snagged it.

I am wondering…why kids take pictures of the things they do.  The boys brought me their camera the other day and asked me to download what was on it.  Dax warned me and said, “Enh, just delete it all.”  I kindly replied, “Oh no, I’ll download them and delete the bad ones.  How many pictures could they possibly have taken?”  Oh me of little faith.  It turns out they can take 1,057 pictures; 1,048 of those are blurry, odd, or just plain strange (ie. a picture of our granite countertops at extremely close range and the back of Katie’s head over 112 times and every.single.aisle at Sam’s club along with massive amounts of pictures of Nury browsing the meat section).  I am just so very thankful for digital photos…imagine if I’d been naive enough to give them rolls of film and pay for the processing.

Oh, but then I get a picture like this and I’m quite thankful that I didn’t just delete them all!

I am laughing…at Katie’s pronunciation.  She wants to do everything herself…her way, by herself.  Today she wanted to spray the hose so I handed it over and thanked her for hosing off the dog.  She kept saying, “My pleasure, a dam.”  It took me awhile to figure out that that meant, “My pleasure Madame.”

I am reflecting…on Andrew.  Yesterday he asked us, “Does the mayor always have to wear a hat?”  When we replied no, he quickly followed up with, “Does the mayor always have to wear clothes?”

In the schoolroom…We began our new school year last week and we are thriving.  We are following the suggestions from my consultation with Liz at A Delectable Education and aside from the normal grumbling (which I’m pretty sure my kids feel is required) they all seem to be enjoying the book choices, the lesson plans and the zillion notebooks I’ve placed in their hands to catalog our journey this year.

Around the house…I am vacuuming like a madwoman.  Poor Midnight is shedding in such huge amounts…pretty sure if I collected all he’s losing, we could make him a friend.

In the kitchen…water kefir.  My sweet friend took the time to teach me the super easy process to fermenting and making my own kefir.  ALL of us are loving it…even health fad criticizer, Dax.

I am wearing…a white skirt and a black shirt.  Oh!  Last week, Dax and I went on a much overdue anniversary date to WaterStreet.  I dressed up a bit (we’re talking very minimal here…as in clean shirt and nice pants) and added a little mascara and lip gloss and fished out a bracelet, necklace and earrings.  When I walked out of my room, Katie exclaimed, “Oh my HEART!  You look GOOD!!!” which was followed by a sweet hug and kiss.  My goodness, if that simple outfit got such a reaction, it makes me think that I must really be slumming it on a daily basis.

We are preparing for…the Texas Outdoor Nature Challenge.

Someday I am going to miss…Andrew’s sweet little voice asking for an Uncle Wiggily story before bed.

One of my favorite things…our Texas State Aquarium.

A peek into my day

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April Daybook

In my backyard…either the kids are chasing the dog or the dog is chasing the kids.  I’m not really sure which is which.  As in which is chasing which (or who is chasing whom).  Obviously I can tell which one is a dog and which ones are kids ; )

I am remembering…our recent trip to Austin.  It was a week packed full of little lovelies including an introduction to bouldering…

a trip out to Crowe’s Nest Farm…

a day at the zoo in Waco where we got to watch the giraffe paint with his chin and see this adorable baby orangutan…

a morning picking delicious, ripe, plump strawberries…

a lovely birthday celebration…

and the season’s first dip into Granny and Pappy’s pool…

I am grateful for…deep breaths.

I am watching…That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore show in the wee hours of the night when I can’t fall asleep.

I am listening…A Delectable Education podcasts whenever I get a chance.

I am wondering…why boys are so amused with things like lizards and toads and bugs.

I am laughing…that Jessica and I actually thought an unannounced garage sale would be worth our time.  The garage sale itself totally wasn’t, but taking the books to Half Price together and enjoying a lemonade with the kids totally was.  And we probably wouldn’t have done that together had we not spent the first 3 hours twiddling our thumbs baking in the sun waiting for someone to come and buy our stuff.   So I guess it turned out to be a worthy event after all.

I am reflecting…on this thought from The Light Between Oceans, “There was nothing he was going through that the stars had not seen before, somewhere, some time on this earth. Given enough time, their memory would close over his life like healing a wound. All would be forgotten, all suffering erased.”

In the schoolroom…we only have about a month of lessons left before we move into our summer plans.  I’m very excited about next year.  I had a lovely consultation with Liz Cottrill over at A Delectable Education and she put together a perfect plan for us for next year.

In the garden…there are still a few patches of herbs hanging on but unfortunately Midnight has found his passion in tilling my garden.  I desperately need a way to keep him out.

In the kitchen…tonight was Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches requested by William.

I am wearing…yoga pants and an adorable workout top.  Sometimes I get inspired to workout if I just wear the right clothes.  Not that it always happens, but it is worth a try.

We are preparing for…the birthday season.  Katie’s birthday is coming up on May 31st, 11 days later it’s Joey on June 11th, then 11 days later it’s Andrew on June 22nd.

Someday I am going to miss…Katie’s stories as we go to bed at night and the way she giggles at her own cleverness.

I am reading…Doing My Om Thing, which I am loving.  It’s giving me great insight into the practice of yoga and how to make that feeling transfer from the yoga mat to my life. 

One of my favorite things…having a sister-in-law who now doubles as my Usborne consultant.

A peek into my day


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March Daybook

In my backyard…Lots of radishes are popping up as well as beautiful medicinal herbs…I’ve got lemon balm, chickweed and something that I don’t recognize and I can’t remember what I planted.  I’m waiting for it to grow just a bit more so perhaps I will recognize it!

I am remembering…William’s pure delight when he caught a few green anoles in the backyard and we said he could temporarily house them.  He loved on those scaly little guys for a few days before he let them go back into the garden.

I am grateful for…discovering a beautiful park with lovely trails…an old park that’s new to us.

I am watching…Eve Anderson’s Charlotte Mason DVDs in the evening and learning so many great tips for implementing CM’s methods.

I am listening…to the neighbor’s lawn mower.  It’s that time of year again.  The grass is green.  The trees are budding.  The flowers are blooming.  And I am sneezing.  But I’m breathing.  And I’m okay with sneezing as long as I’m breathing.

I am wondering…whether Lemon Balm is one lucky hamster for having so many little people to love her or if she’s the most unlucky hamster as she never gets any time alone.

I am laughing…at Joey’s newest version of the Brady Bunch Theme song…it goes something like this:

Here’s the story of a girl named Stacie, who was busy with her studies at college, she worked at a tower building and loved her messy room, but she was all alone.

Here’s the story of a man named Daxson who was sometimes a bad kid at home, he hated beet juice so much but he was nice to his mother.

Til the one day when the lady met this fellow and they knew that it was love at first sight.  They had four lovely children, that’s the way they all became the Satery bunch.  The Satery bunch.  The Satery bunch.  That’s the way they became the Satery bunch.

I am reflecting…on this thought from Mark Twain, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

In the schoolroom…we spent last week homeschooling in the woods and this week we’ve been getting our lessons done early each morning so we can visit with friends we’ve been missing.

Around the house…floors are cleaned.  Until we go to the beach again.

I am wearing…black capris and a blue t-shirt.

We are preparing for…a visit with Granny.  It’s so long overdue and we’re so very excited.

Someday I am going to miss…the mischief that goes along with this little girl.  Enjoy this picture ’cause now that she took the scissors to those beautiful curls, she’s not looking nearly so cute now.

I am readingThe Violets of March by Sarah Jio and listening to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 

One of my favorite things…a night out with these girls.

A peek into my day

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In my backyard… there are four little monkeys hanging out in a pod.


I am remembering… this little babysitter.  That’s Joey when he was just a few months old.  Phoebe kept by his side day and night watching over him.


I am grateful for…Lori Concert at Miss Daisy’s Naturals and her beautiful gift of body butter that we offered up in a giveaway this week over on With Every Intention.  Some lucky gal is going to be slathering her body with that butter and loving the lavender scent that permeates the air.

Joey was delighted to be chosen to pull a name from the hat…if it’s up to my kids, we’ll have giveaways often just so they can take turns pulling names.

february-2017-015_1_1 february-2017-019_3_1 february-2017-021_4_2 february-2017-018_2_2

I am watching…Katie as she moves all her little figurines around, lost in a world of imagination.

I am listening…to Nim’s Island with the kids at lunch and Heart of Darkness on Audible.

I am wondering…why can’t I carve more time into my day???  So many podcasts to listen to, so many places to visit, so many things to do!

I am laughing…at William.  He was sitting beside me and he wrinkled his nose.  I asked him if he smelled something (as he has an incredibly sensitive nose) and he said, “No I was going to sneeze but I was a sneezer failure.”

I am reflecting…on the idea that “maybe the love gets in easier right where the heart’s broke open” from Ann Voskamp’s new book The Broken Way.  It’s a revolutionary thought…to imagine that brokenness leads to abundance but a thought that gives me hope and fills me with joy.

In the schoolroom…Next week is our week off.  I plan to use the scheduling cards from Sabbath Mood Homeschooling to lay out our CM schedule.  Hoping to post some CM scheduling help and ideas soon.  I am in love.

Around the house…Jessica came over yesterday and we prepared our Fire Cider together.  It looks beautiful but I dread tasting it…I know what’s in it and I’m just having hard time imagining what it will taste like.

february-2017-024_1_1 february-2017-029_2_1 february-2017-031_3_1

In the kitchen…William got up early this morning to whip up some homemade doughnuts for us.  He spread maple glaze over the top.  Delicious!

february-2017-056_1_1 february-2017-057_2_1

I am wearing…sea green Lularoe leggings and a sky blue sleeveless top.  ‘Cause it’s that warm here on this early February day.  Winter came and went so quickly I hardly even noticed it.

We are preparing for…a spring camping trip.  The weather has been gorgeous, the nights have been lovely and I’m aching to gaze at the stars without the twinkle of city lights.

Someday I am going to miss…the gangly arms and legs, the awkward way he moves…’cause one of these days he’s going to grow into it all and that little boy that I adore will be grown up.


I am readingAmerica’s First Daughter, The Highly Sensitive Person, The Hiding Place and After You

One of my favorite things…tinkering with herbs with the kids.  Joey and I made a plantain salve this last week that we’ve already made good use of.


A peek into my day…Jessica and I have been trying to watercolor paint together every once in awhile.  My artist skills needs some serious work.



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February Daybook

In my backyard…February has arrived along with beautiful weather (as is the norm for our deep South Texas location).  The leaves have all fallen and our plants in the garden are blooming.  We’ll have radishes and carrots in no time at all and broccoli will soon follow.february-2017-004_1_1 february-2017-005_2_1 january-2017-184_1_1

I am remembering…the shouts of delight as these boys chased the chickens to get them back in their coop.

january-2017-111_1_1 january-2017-113_2_1 january-2017-116_3_1 january-2017-118_4_1 january-2017-120_5_1 january-2017-121_6_1 january-2017-122_7_1 january-2017-123_8_1 january-2017-125_9_1

I am grateful for…having someone who shares my love of literature.


I am watching…Katie go round and round on her scooter…one bare foot and one foot in a roller skate.


I am listening…to William in a panic.  He thought he put his sewing needle beside me but now it’s missing.  He was walking around in a panic and suddenly it was quiet…no whining, no panicking.  I looked over and he was drinking water and I said, “You’re not even looking!” and he replied, “Well, I have to stop and drink water…this is what I do when I get stressed out.”  Drinking water when stressed?  It could be so much worse.

I am wondering…what in the world Lemon Balm was thinking the first time she stuck her nose out of her box and looked into eight eager little eyes staring back at her.


I am laughing…when I remember Joey at co-op last week.  The older girls were teaching all of the kids the movements for the cups to go along with their folk song When I’m Gone.  Joey was incredibly enthusiastic and tapping to the beat in his own head.


I am reflecting…on my conversation with William this morning after he read and narrated to me from his Daniel Boone book.  He agrees with Daniel and Daniel’s father that Daniel doesn’t need formal schooling but that his practical life skills are more important.  William understands why he must get a formal education but he wanted to know why I don’t place more importance on teaching him to hunt and forage and learn survival skills.  We are a society that depends greatly on a system beyond ourselves, survival is assumed, but maybe it shouldn’t be taken so lightly…perhaps basic survival skills deserve a higher place in education.  We should feel our ancestors in our daily grind, know our physical capabilities and rest in the knowledge that we are a people capable of caring for ourselves.

In the schoolroom…We’re wrapping up Daniel Boone and moving on to Lewis and Clark soon.  Another week of school and it’ll be time for a week off of planning.  We’re now fully emerged in a Charlotte Mason way of education and I look forward to seeing the fruits of our labor.

Around the house…there is a pile of laundry waiting to be put away and sweet little Lemon Balm is ready for her cage to be changed…this should be interesting to watch Joey learn the real responsibility of having a pet.

In the kitchen…a bag of almonds is patiently waiting for me to turn it into almond butter.  My jars of lemon balm glycerite are stewing.  I’m eager to try it on this handful of rowdy boys and see if it brings us any calmness.

I am wearing…black yoga pants and a teal blue puckered tee.  Gosh, that description sounds so awkward…I need to work on descriptive writing.

We are preparing for…Valentine’s Day.  Oh how I love a day dedicated to love.  I get to get all mushy and overly sentimental and no one can find fault!

Someday I am going to miss…our Friday morning herb studies together.


I am readingAmerica’s First Daughter, The Highly Sensitive Person, The Hiding Place and Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline.  I’m listen to Rachel McAdams read Anne of Green Gables on my phone…she’s done a lovely job. 

One of my favorite things…watching these kids learn together (here they are using the Bird Songs Bible).


A peek into my day


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Outside my window…I hear the roar of dragons.  Katie is playing with her mama and baby dragon and Andrew has made his own daddy dragon out of paper.  Thankful for little people and big imaginations.

I am remembering…our night of Christmas caroling.  This little choir of angelic voices sang their hearts out and we were humbled again by the beauty of something so simple.december-2016-002_1_1 december-2016-003_2_1 december-2016-007_3_1 december-2016-009_4_1 december-2016-012_5_1

I am thankful for…Christmas with my family.  Mom made it home from the hospital about a week before our celebration and we had the opportunity to practice compassion as we helped care for Granny.  december-2016-359_5_1 december-2016-361_6_1

Mom and Dad’s house was decorated beautifully (despite the fact that Mom spent the 3 weeks prior to her homecoming in a hospital room in San Antonio), the meals were delicious and memorable and the company was, of course, delightful.  It was beautiful and special and my heart is happy that we shared another holiday all together.  december-2016-037_1_1 december-2016-051_4_1 december-2016-056_2_1 december-2016-070_3_1 december-2016-183_5_1 december-2016-196_4_1 december-2016-198_5_1 december-2016-205_6_1 december-2016-220_7_1 december-2016-221_8_1 december-2016-223_9_1 december-2016-233_10_1 december-2016-234_11_1 december-2016-237_1_1 december-2016-328_2_1 december-2016-330_3_1 december-2016-342_4_1

If awards had been given, Dad would have won the Most Creative Gift Given award.  He put 25 $1 gold coins in a little pirate bag for each of the kids.  The kids are still lugging around their coins in their little bags, pretending they are sneaking away with their loot, all rich within their imaginations.  december-2016-192_2_1 december-2016-195_3_1

I am watching…Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime.  I have been sucked in even if I do end up a little confused at some points.

I am listening…to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell on Overdrive.

I am laughing…at this photo.  I missed snapping the photo of Dustin opening his gift so this was a reenactment…his acting skills are an accurate reflection of his enthusiasm.december-2016-001_1_1

I am reflecting…on being intentional.  You have been to visit our new website, right?  If not, hop over there now and sign up to receive our posts by email.  We promise you a year of thoughtful reflections and hopefully insight into being intentional…at least that’s our intention ; )

In the schoolroom…it’s a new year and a new semester.  We have lots of brilliant books on our reading lists.  2017 is going to be lovely.

Around the house…we are enjoying the fruits of our labor (literally) from both canning and the garden.december-2016-071_1_1 december-2016-087_3_1 december-2016-088_2_1 december-2016-089_4_1 december-2016-092_5_1 december-2016-094_6_1 december-2016-177_1_1

In the kitchen…New Year’s French Canadian Tourtiere.  It’s a tradition from my father’s mother’s side.  It’s a meat pie that combines ground pork and beef, potato and carrots with delicious spices and wraps it all up in a flaky pie crust (who can resist anything wrapped in pie crust?).  It’s a bit of work but well worth it when I imagine myself reconnected to the women that made it long before I was ever a thought on the horizon.  A simple pie suddenly is transformed into some kind of spiritual connection with my ancestors.  That thought makes it totally worth the effort (plus the pie is incredibly delicious).

I am wearing…shorts.  Because it’s a piping 81 degrees here today.

We recently enjoyed…a Hanukkah party we attended.  It was so well thought out and the kids not only had a marvelous time dancing and singing and playing, but they learned so much.  december-2016-047_1_1 december-2016-086_2_1

Someday I am going to miss…watching these two with their Legos.december-2016-024_1_1

I am reading…a slew of books as we prepare for a new semester.  Trying to get a bit ahead on my boys’ readings so we can have real conversations.  And I’m working on my personal 2017 reading list which I promise to share soon over at With Every Intention

I am amazed…by this kid.  He plays the guitar beautifully.december-2016-032_6_1

One of my favorite things…visits to the Texas State Aquarium.  Glad we’re members again so we can soak up all the fun they’ve added since the last time we visited.  A touch tank of sharks and another of jellyfish plus a shark exhibit and a Caribbean exhibit soon to come.  Even though Katie has been dozens of times, it’s been long enough now that I’m pretty sure it was as if it were all new to her.  She delighted in watching the blue crab dance across the tank, giggling as the crab attempted some form of handstand.  We also managed to collect three pink roseate spoonbill feathers and one beautiful duck feather to add to our nature treasure box.  december-2016-005_1_1 december-2016-006_2_1 december-2016-014_3_1 december-2016-016_4_1 december-2016-017_5_1 december-2016-018_6_1 december-2016-019_7_1 december-2016-020_8_1 december-2016-021_9_1 december-2016-023_10_1 december-2016-030_11_1 december-2016-033_1_1 december-2016-035_2_1 december-2016-037_3_1 december-2016-041_4_1 december-2016-042_5_1 december-2016-045_6_1 december-2016-046_8_1 december-2016-047_9_1 december-2016-048_10_1 december-2016-051_7_1

A peek into my dayjanuary-2017-021_1_1

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Outside my window…these two.  october-2016-078_1_1 october-2016-080_2_1 october-2016-088_3_1

I am remembering…how much the kids and I giggled over the ridiculousness of this story.  Some things are just entertaining.november-2016-204_1_1

I am thankful for…a beautiful camping trip in Goliad (despite Andrew sitting in a fire ant bed and me falling off an unmoving bike) full of lovely memories: an afternoon with Mom and Kathy, Scare on the Square, carving pumpkins, riding bikes and William’s lucky find.  So glad Leslie and Jessica joined us for the adventure.  october-2016-003_1_1 october-2016-004_2_1 october-2016-013_3_1 october-2016-021_4_1 october-2016-033_5_1 october-2016-038_6_1 october-2016-045_7_1 october-2016-054_8_1 october-2016-066_9_1   october-2016-084_10_1  october-2016-091_15_1 october-2016-101_14_1 october-2016-122_1_1 october-2016-131_1_1 october-2016-133_2_1 october-2016-134_3_1 october-2016-135_4_1

I am watching…the election results roll in (yep, this is really a “nightbook” not a “daybook”)

I am listening to...Little Paris Bookshop on my iPod and Secrets of a Charmed Life on Audible.

I am wondering…why this kid won’t keep a hairband on!  She looks so cute when she lets me put it on (until she pulls it off two seconds later).november-2016-202_2_1

I am laughing…because how could I not when greeted by these two superheroes?  november-2016-298_1_1

I am reflecting…on this conversation with Andrew when we were out riding bikes on Sunday.  We rode our bikes to the cemetery and stopped by Baby Land there, praying for the little souls and the mamas and papas who lost their little ones.  A few minutes later, this conversation occurred:

A:  Mommy, how did those moms and dads lose… (couldn’t hear everything as he was riding behind me)

M:  What?

A:  I said, how did those ….lose their babies?

M:  What?

A (as he rides up beside me): I said, how did those moms and dads lose their babies?  (and in the same breath, with a hint of astonishment) And how do these pedals work?  (as he pedals off to join his brothers, never even waiting for me to answer either question…I love the way their little brains work!)

In the schoolroom…new week.  New routine.  New schedule.  Renewed love of learning.

Around the house…books.  november-2016-276_1_1

In the kitchen…fancy breakfast.  Cereal with these delicious strawberries.  If you’re considering stocking up on food storage or you just want to add some dried food to your cabinet, I seriously recommend Thrive Life.  The food is delicious (we’re huge fans of the coconut bites…yum!).november-2016-292_1_1

I am wearing…shorts and a t-shirt…because it’s a very warm South Texas fall.

I am excited…because I’m learning Latin.  Yep, that excites me.  Weird, I know.

Someday I am going to miss…little feet sticking out from beneath the curtains.november-2016-286_1_1

I am readingWest with the Night (LOVE this!), Twain’s End (not far enough to judge), and Raising Godly Tomatoes (not really my thing…raising Godly children, yes, her methods, not so much). 

One of my favorite things…this crowd.october-2016-122_1_1

A peek into my day…waited over an hour today to have an MRI done of my shoulder that I should have had done 5 years ago when it all started.  november-2016-297_1_1_1

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Outside my window…these three are playing happily.  {Enter sigh of gratitude here}october-2016-023_1_1

I am remembering…a quick visit with friends this weekend.  We were honored to be invited to watch Hannah and Rebecca at their swim competition and then we drove out to the beach to splash around for a bit.  Dax and William were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and play Cricket thanks to Tim’s brilliant idea of bringing along his cricket bat and wickets.october-2016-106_1_1 october-2016-108_2_1 october-2016-109_3_1 october-2016-111_4_1 october-2016-116_5_1 october-2016-124_6_1 october-2016-128_7_1 october-2016-142_1_1 october-2016-157_1_1october-2016-007_1_1 october-2016-010_2_1 october-2016-015_3_1 october-2016-027_4_1 october-2016-043_5_1 october-2016-054_6_1 october-2016-055_7_1

I am thankful for…the week we had along a creek that was tucked into the side of the Mark Twain Forest in Missouri.  My heart is joyful, my memories are beautiful, and my hard drive is full of incredible photos that I want to share with you.  I just need a moment to catch up with my thoughts and reflections.  missouri-october-2016-399_1_1

I am watching…Joey use the stencils I had as a kid.  I remember many rainy afternoons in my childhood with my stencils and my handy crayon box by my side. october-2016-020_3_1

I am listening…to the MacGyver (clarification: the original MacGyver theme song…not sure what the new MacGyver theme music is but the show is certainly not the same so we’re skipping that and still watching the original on Amazon Prime) theme as Katie climbs up and down the playset.

I am wondering…which of my kids had my camera and took this silly shot.october-2016-005a_1_1

I am laughing…at the contradiction in this picture.  A bathing suit with an umbrella?  september-2016-015_1_1

I am reflecting…on gratitude and how it’s woven into the inner seams of my life as I ponder my next post for Corpus Christi Moms Blog.  (Did I send you over here yet?  My picture on there?  An excuse to pick up a new shirt during Talbot’s huge shirt sale!)

In the schoolroom…reordering my way of thinking as I journey through Charlotte Mason’s 20 principles.  I never realized what a Herbartian educator I am!  Changes are afoot.

Around the house…well…the washer had an issue in the middle of the night on Sunday.  The repairman just made it out today.  That’s a lot of laundry stacked up and waiting to be run.  Hate to admit just how reliant I am on that beast of a machine.  Shhh, please don’t tell it I called it a beast…I really need it to cooperate.

In the kitchen…gluten free sugar cookies.  I hardly ever buy gluten free mixes (they’re so pricey) and I rarely ever buy anything from Immaculate Baking (cause they’re, well, pretty pricey) but for some random reason (which I am not about to question) my grocery store had a blow-out sale on Immaculate Baking’s gluten free cooking mixes…as in $1.24/mix.  That’s cheap in the gluten free world!  I stocked up and we are enjoying our stash.

I am wearing…today it’s black shorts and a red faded Gap shirt.  BUT last week, I was impressively dressed with this beautiful skirt my sister made me (although sadly for the skirt, I paired it with the same faded red Gap shirt I’m wearing today…it really didn’t do the skirt justice, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a different shirt to wear next time).  missouri-october-2016-573_1_1 missouri-october-2016-578_2_1

We are preparing for…Halloween.  Decorations are out.  Costumes are being assembled.  Now I just need to turn their minds toward the meaning behind the celebration as we should be spending our time preparing our hearts for All Saints and All Souls Days.

Someday I am going to miss…conversations like this:

(in the car on the way to Yaya’s)

Katie:  Mommy, I NEED you.

Andrew: No, Katie, you don’t NEED Mommy.  You need water and food.

Joey: And air.

Mommy: And shelter.

William:  Oh yeah, you definitely need shelter.

Andrew: Why?

William (sounding extremely serious and looking like the perfect know-it-all): Because without shelter, you could die from exposure.

Joey: Oh no, what’s that?  Exposure?

William: I have no idea.

I am listening…to The Little Paris Bookshop.  I love the idea that books can heal our souls. 

One of my favorite things…Katie’s heart touches.  Ever since she quit nursing (on her 3rd birthday), she always asks if she can give me a heart touch.  She kisses me just below my neck and then covers it with her hand as if to seal it.  I am going to be so sad when our heart-touching days end.

A peek into my day…caught these two loving each other during Bible time the other day.october-2016-016_4_1

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Outside my window…it’s still mid 90s, the kids are still swimming and I promise, fall seems like a distant thought.

I am remembering…the pure joy of something as simple as painted nails.september-2016-001_1_1

I am thankful for…the delightful sound of baby giggles and the joy radiating from my children’s faces as they watched this sweet baby explore her surroundings.september-2016-011_1_1

I am watching…a reenactment of Clint Eastwood.  He’s got the moves down but I’m pretty sure if he addresses me by fair lady once more, I’m going to have to look into that.  I just can’t imagine Clint Eastwood approaching a woman and asking, “How goes it here my fair lady?”  I think we’re getting our heroes confused.   (By the way, the paper on the front of the bike is a hand drawn horse’s head…because that’s clearly not his bike, it’s his horse, of course.)  september-2016-008_1_1 september-2016-009_2_1 september-2016-010_3_1 september-2016-006_1_1

I am listening…to Katie.  She is trying to convince me that it would be okay for her to get on the table.  I just told her no and she replied, “Well then how about if you don’t watch me get on the table?”

I am wondering…what poems my kids will choose to memorize.  I asked them each to memorize something to recite to Granny and Pappy next time we see them.  It’ll be interesting to see what they choose.

I am laughing…at the response of the kids the other night to Daxson’s reading.  He was reading aloud to them before they went to sleep and he read a sentence that said, “Mother and Father agreed that a tutor should come to the house every day…”  Andrew’s little head popped over the side of his bunk and he said, “Did you say tooter?”  All of the kids just dissolved into giggles.  Even Dax got a good chuckle out of it as he realized their interpretation of tutor.

I am reflecting…on a friendship that makes my heart smile.  september-2016-020_1_1 september-2016-021_2_1 september-2016-022_3_1 september-2016-024_4_1 september-2016-025_5_1 september-2016-026_6_1 september-2016-031_7_1 september-2016-032_8_1 september-2016-035_10_1 september-2016-036_11_1 september-2016-038_12_1

In the schoolroom…we’re moving onto 6 weeks of Jamestown studies, reading A Lion to Guard Us and Surviving Jamestown.

Around the house…finishing up thank you cards and catching up on emails.  Long forgotten emails.

In the kitchen…Auntie Pie tonight.  Although in this house, I guess we could call it Mommy Pie but Alex named it and now it is what it is.  And Auntie Pie it is (which just for the record is really Taco Salad served with Fritos).

I am wearing…GAP shorts that are an unidentified color with a Target Knox Rose olive green tank top.

We are preparing for…our 2nd co-op meeting by reading a few scenes from Hamlet and watching some youtube clips.

Someday I am going to miss…this.september-2016-005_1_1

I am reading…Circling the Sun by Paula McLain.september-2016-002_1_1

One of my favorite things…discovering new-to-me old places.september-2016-003_1_1

A peek into my dayseptember-2016-034_1_1 september-2016-040_2_1 september-2016-045_4_1 september-2016-043_3_1

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Outside my window…two eager little scientists are happily experimenting with goop.

I am remembering…this spontaneous playdate right before William’s surgery with some of our favorite people.  Belle gave hula hooping lessons to the boys, Joe and Gavin practiced shooting hoops and Katie soaked up the thrill of having another girl in the crowd.  Later, Belle had the simple idea to use chalk to draw herself a house and the next thing we knew, a neighborhood developed on the driveway.  september-2016-097_21_1 september-2016-099_20_1 september-2016-100_19_1 september-2016-101_18_1 september-2016-102_17_1 september-2016-103_16_1 september-2016-104_15_1 september-2016-106_14_1 september-2016-107_13_1 september-2016-108_12_1 september-2016-109_11_1 september-2016-110_10_1 september-2016-111_9_1 september-2016-112_8_1 september-2016-114_7_1 september-2016-115_6_1 september-2016-116_5_1 september-2016-117_4_1 september-2016-118_3_1 september-2016-119_2_1 september-2016-120_1_1

I am thankful for…a new opportunity that has come my way.  I’m going to be a contributor for Corpus Christ Moms Blog.

I am in awe…of Jessica.  She is an incredibly talented seamstress, a budding beekeeper, a homesteading guru and now she can add leather work to her repertoire.  september-2016-094_1_1 september-2016-095_2_1

I am watching…nothing these days.  We didn’t realize there was only one season of The Man in the High Castle, so while we’re waiting for some new episodes, we’ve been making wise use of our quiet night time catching up on reading.

I am listening…the ding-aling of the timer, letting me know my herbal tea has finished infusing.

I am wondering…if there is some way to access my iTunes account (where I’ve downloaded audio CDs) so I can listen to it on my phone?  Any advice?

I am laughing…about William.  He wanted to be Indiana Jones, but he said he needed some stubble on his chin.  He asked if I had an idea of how he could do that.  I’m pretty sure my face reflected the blank feeling I had in my head.  He disappeared for a bit and when he returned he had stubble on his chin.  He had taken bits of paper, colored them and taped them to his chin.  Later when he was complaining that his chin was itchy, he decided that his method might need to be revised.  september-2016-003_1_1

I am reflecting…on this thought from The Man in the High Castle, “Fate is fluid.  Destiny is in the hands of men.”

In the schoolroom…it is our week off.  We’re making good use of our time.  Lots of reading, playing, exploring and relaxing.

Around the house…using the week to catch up on digital photography.  Photos are uploaded, prints are ordered.  Yep, I’m still fanatic about printing my photos…cause there’s nothing more entertaining than grabbing a box of photos, snuggling up on the couch and reliving some of our favorite memories!

In the kitchen…it’s Waffle Wednesday.  Gluten free King Arthur waffles.  One of our favorites.

I am wearing…jean shorts and a blue t-shirt.

We are preparing for…a new 6 weeks of school.  Our POE plans are all about Jamestown.

Someday I am going to miss…the giggles from these kids as Grandpa Larry chases them around the house trying to get their meechees.  (These pictures are AWFUL but I love Nury’s expression in the second one and Larry’s in the last one!)september-2016-008_1_1 september-2016-010_2_1 september-2016-018_3_1

I am reading…Circling the Sun by Paula McLain and Discovering Your Personality Type by Don Richard Riso.  The kids and I just started reading Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and we are loving it, laughing about all the subtle humor. 

One of my favorite things…being introduced to a whole new idea.  We had the opportunity to go see Uncle Bryan at work (he is a jeweler).  We got to learn about the process of lost wax casting and then we got to witness metal being melted.  It was the highlight of my little chemist’s week.  september-2016-041_1_1 september-2016-042_2_1 september-2016-048_3_1 september-2016-053_4_1 september-2016-057_5_1 september-2016-058_6_1

A peek into my dayseptember-2016-003_1_1_1

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