Outside my window…I hear the roar of dragons.  Katie is playing with her mama and baby dragon and Andrew has made his own daddy dragon out of paper.  Thankful for little people and big imaginations.

I am remembering…our night of Christmas caroling.  This little choir of angelic voices sang their hearts out and we were humbled again by the beauty of something so simple.december-2016-002_1_1 december-2016-003_2_1 december-2016-007_3_1 december-2016-009_4_1 december-2016-012_5_1

I am thankful for…Christmas with my family.  Mom made it home from the hospital about a week before our celebration and we had the opportunity to practice compassion as we helped care for Granny.  december-2016-359_5_1 december-2016-361_6_1

Mom and Dad’s house was decorated beautifully (despite the fact that Mom spent the 3 weeks prior to her homecoming in a hospital room in San Antonio), the meals were delicious and memorable and the company was, of course, delightful.  It was beautiful and special and my heart is happy that we shared another holiday all together.  december-2016-037_1_1 december-2016-051_4_1 december-2016-056_2_1 december-2016-070_3_1 december-2016-183_5_1 december-2016-196_4_1 december-2016-198_5_1 december-2016-205_6_1 december-2016-220_7_1 december-2016-221_8_1 december-2016-223_9_1 december-2016-233_10_1 december-2016-234_11_1 december-2016-237_1_1 december-2016-328_2_1 december-2016-330_3_1 december-2016-342_4_1

If awards had been given, Dad would have won the Most Creative Gift Given award.  He put 25 $1 gold coins in a little pirate bag for each of the kids.  The kids are still lugging around their coins in their little bags, pretending they are sneaking away with their loot, all rich within their imaginations.  december-2016-192_2_1 december-2016-195_3_1

I am watching…Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime.  I have been sucked in even if I do end up a little confused at some points.

I am listening…to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell on Overdrive.

I am laughing…at this photo.  I missed snapping the photo of Dustin opening his gift so this was a reenactment…his acting skills are an accurate reflection of his enthusiasm.december-2016-001_1_1

I am reflecting…on being intentional.  You have been to visit our new website, right?  If not, hop over there now and sign up to receive our posts by email.  We promise you a year of thoughtful reflections and hopefully insight into being intentional…at least that’s our intention ; )

In the schoolroom…it’s a new year and a new semester.  We have lots of brilliant books on our reading lists.  2017 is going to be lovely.

Around the house…we are enjoying the fruits of our labor (literally) from both canning and the garden.december-2016-071_1_1 december-2016-087_3_1 december-2016-088_2_1 december-2016-089_4_1 december-2016-092_5_1 december-2016-094_6_1 december-2016-177_1_1

In the kitchen…New Year’s French Canadian Tourtiere.  It’s a tradition from my father’s mother’s side.  It’s a meat pie that combines ground pork and beef, potato and carrots with delicious spices and wraps it all up in a flaky pie crust (who can resist anything wrapped in pie crust?).  It’s a bit of work but well worth it when I imagine myself reconnected to the women that made it long before I was ever a thought on the horizon.  A simple pie suddenly is transformed into some kind of spiritual connection with my ancestors.  That thought makes it totally worth the effort (plus the pie is incredibly delicious).

I am wearing…shorts.  Because it’s a piping 81 degrees here today.

We recently enjoyed…a Hanukkah party we attended.  It was so well thought out and the kids not only had a marvelous time dancing and singing and playing, but they learned so much.  december-2016-047_1_1 december-2016-086_2_1

Someday I am going to miss…watching these two with their Legos.december-2016-024_1_1

I am reading…a slew of books as we prepare for a new semester.  Trying to get a bit ahead on my boys’ readings so we can have real conversations.  And I’m working on my personal 2017 reading list which I promise to share soon over at With Every Intention

I am amazed…by this kid.  He plays the guitar beautifully.december-2016-032_6_1

One of my favorite things…visits to the Texas State Aquarium.  Glad we’re members again so we can soak up all the fun they’ve added since the last time we visited.  A touch tank of sharks and another of jellyfish plus a shark exhibit and a Caribbean exhibit soon to come.  Even though Katie has been dozens of times, it’s been long enough now that I’m pretty sure it was as if it were all new to her.  She delighted in watching the blue crab dance across the tank, giggling as the crab attempted some form of handstand.  We also managed to collect three pink roseate spoonbill feathers and one beautiful duck feather to add to our nature treasure box.  december-2016-005_1_1 december-2016-006_2_1 december-2016-014_3_1 december-2016-016_4_1 december-2016-017_5_1 december-2016-018_6_1 december-2016-019_7_1 december-2016-020_8_1 december-2016-021_9_1 december-2016-023_10_1 december-2016-030_11_1 december-2016-033_1_1 december-2016-035_2_1 december-2016-037_3_1 december-2016-041_4_1 december-2016-042_5_1 december-2016-045_6_1 december-2016-046_8_1 december-2016-047_9_1 december-2016-048_10_1 december-2016-051_7_1

A peek into my dayjanuary-2017-021_1_1

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