October Daybook

In my backyard…it was autumn, for a very brief moment.  Now it is summer again and it seems weird to have pumpkins scattered about.

I am remembering…this sweet little girl…oh how she has grown!

I am grateful for...a quick visit with Mom.  It was much too short, but a little is better than nothing.

I am watching…Outlander.  I can’t resist.  I read the book for book club this month and when my sister offered to lend us Season 1, I couldn’t say no.    So far, aside from changing a few things and not quite casting according to my imagination, I’m enjoying the show.  Dreading the final scene (because I’ve read the book and I know the content) but I’m in love with the Scottish Highlands.

I am listening…to Daxson say “I told you so.”  I wonder if he ever gets tired of saying that.

I am laughing…at Andrew’s expression in this photo.  I almost hit delete until I saw his face.

I am reflecting…on traditions.  The topic has been stewing in my mind for a few weeks and deserves a post all of its own but it’s enough for now to say that the thoughts are there in my heart waiting to be sorted.

In the schoolroom…we had a beautiful opportunity at our Charlotte Mason co-op today to participate in releasing a new round of butterflies into the butterfly house.

Around the house…it’s just a huge mess of books.  I’m trying to get organized for our 2nd term (which we actually already started) and between all of the interruptions of life, it’s taking me forever.  I’ll just be happy if I get these books organized and put away before the 3rd term.

In the kitchen…banana, almond butter, cinnamon stew?  I have no idea what in the world I just ate but it was lovingly made by Katie.

I am wearing…jeans and a Spanish style embroidered blouse.  I actually have mascara on and I combed my hair.  I look quite lovely.

We are preparing for…the end of the Nature Challenge.  It really rushed by this year and we didn’t finish nearly what we had hoped to accomplish.  Last week we visited Hilltop to “create our own” challenge with our friends.  We did a sound walk and mapped the sounds we heard.  It’s amazing what we heard when we actually stopped to listen.  Then the kids used found objects (like leaves, grass and dirt) to map the path we followed.

Someday I am going to miss…the way Katie dramatically throws her arms around my legs when I’m leaving (even if it’s just to go get the mail) and while crying, screams out, “I love you so much Mommy!”

One of my favorite things…the pumpkin patch.

A peek into my day


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