April Daybook

In my backyard…either the kids are chasing the dog or the dog is chasing the kids.  I’m not really sure which is which.  As in which is chasing which (or who is chasing whom).  Obviously I can tell which one is a dog and which ones are kids ; )

I am remembering…our recent trip to Austin.  It was a week packed full of little lovelies including an introduction to bouldering…

a trip out to Crowe’s Nest Farm…

a day at the zoo in Waco where we got to watch the giraffe paint with his chin and see this adorable baby orangutan…

a morning picking delicious, ripe, plump strawberries…

a lovely birthday celebration…

and the season’s first dip into Granny and Pappy’s pool…

I am grateful for…deep breaths.

I am watching…That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore show in the wee hours of the night when I can’t fall asleep.

I am listening…A Delectable Education podcasts whenever I get a chance.

I am wondering…why boys are so amused with things like lizards and toads and bugs.

I am laughing…that Jessica and I actually thought an unannounced garage sale would be worth our time.  The garage sale itself totally wasn’t, but taking the books to Half Price together and enjoying a lemonade with the kids totally was.  And we probably wouldn’t have done that together had we not spent the first 3 hours twiddling our thumbs baking in the sun waiting for someone to come and buy our stuff.   So I guess it turned out to be a worthy event after all.

I am reflecting…on this thought from The Light Between Oceans, “There was nothing he was going through that the stars had not seen before, somewhere, some time on this earth. Given enough time, their memory would close over his life like healing a wound. All would be forgotten, all suffering erased.”

In the schoolroom…we only have about a month of lessons left before we move into our summer plans.  I’m very excited about next year.  I had a lovely consultation with Liz Cottrill over at A Delectable Education and she put together a perfect plan for us for next year.

In the garden…there are still a few patches of herbs hanging on but unfortunately Midnight has found his passion in tilling my garden.  I desperately need a way to keep him out.

In the kitchen…tonight was Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches requested by William.

I am wearing…yoga pants and an adorable workout top.  Sometimes I get inspired to workout if I just wear the right clothes.  Not that it always happens, but it is worth a try.

We are preparing for…the birthday season.  Katie’s birthday is coming up on May 31st, 11 days later it’s Joey on June 11th, then 11 days later it’s Andrew on June 22nd.

Someday I am going to miss…Katie’s stories as we go to bed at night and the way she giggles at her own cleverness.

I am reading…Doing My Om Thing, which I am loving.  It’s giving me great insight into the practice of yoga and how to make that feeling transfer from the yoga mat to my life. 

One of my favorite things…having a sister-in-law who now doubles as my Usborne consultant.

A peek into my day


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