March Daybook

In my backyard…it is a perfect spring day.  Low humidity, beautiful sunshine.  Oh how I’ve missed these days!

I am remembering…our last ride out to the University.  It was a bit of a rushed ride but so many things in bloom.  I’m looking forward to Spring and long days outdoors again.  

I am grateful for...this sweet smile.

I am watching…Elementary Season 4…I tried to quit after season 3, but there was a cliffhanger and I just had to keep going.  I’m imagining crime scenes everywhere I go so this can’t be a completely healthy hobby.  I’ve also been sneaking in a late night episode of Gilmore Girls each night (season 1).

I am listening…to Before We Were Yours.

I am laughing…as I remember this particular afternoon at a friend’s house.  Belle and Joe had constructed a “jump through the hoop” type game and my kids thought it was the funniest game ever.  Lots of giggling.

I am reflecting…on this beautiful Valentine I received this year from Joey.

In the schoolroom…we did a little mini study on the Olympics and included some chalk pastel lessons.  It’s been fun to see the kids work with the pastels and delight in their beautiful creations…

Around the house…I wish I could say it’s clean and the laundry is folded and put away and the counters sparkle, but that wouldn’t be completely true.  The laundry is folded, the house is mostly clean, but the counters are not sparkling…I’m still scraping off the play-doh from this morning’s activities.

In the kitchen…meatloaf.  Nothing beats a meatloaf with crispy bacon on top.

I am wearing…some kind of flowing blouse.  It has a bright yellow fitted lining and it has a pale ivory flowing fabric on top.  It’s a beautiful top and one I would never spend money on as I’m sure I will drip something on it or a kid will spill something on it before long, but my neighbor brought over a bag of clothes from her daughter (who by the way is half my age) and I found all kinds of treasures in it (I also found mini-skirts that would barely cover my backside and tops that I’m still trying to figure out exactly what my bust size would need to be to hold them up, all of which have been passed along to younger, trendier people than myself).  Plain black shorts on my bottom half.  Bare feet with hot pink toenails lovingly painted by Katie.  Ooh and a necklace given to me years ago by Mom.  (It could be worse…I could be tied up in pink silk with a hairband for a belt like some people around here…)

We are preparing for…a trip to Ohio this summer.  It’ll be one with lots of miles, lots of adventure and lots of love as we plan to see all of the Holland side of the family.  I look forward to introducing Fremont to my children through my parents’ eyes.

Someday I am going to miss…looking up from washing dishes and seeing this from my kitchen window…

One of my favorite things…an incredibly patient dog.

A peek into my day



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One thought on “March Daybook

  1. As always, I have to say Stacie that I love the pictures and I love seeing my grandchildren on here. I too am so excited for this summer and the trip to Fremont, Ohio.


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