Outside my window…it is beautiful.  And sunny.  75 degrees.  Completely not normal January weather, but I’m not complaining.  I’m storing up these beautiful days in my memory for when the gloomy winter days begin again.  

I am remembering…January 3 years ago.  Katie hadn’t yet knocked out that infamous front tooth and she still had curls.  Andrew was just as big-eyed and expressive as today.  William was still just as inquisitive, always with a look of thought on his little face.  Joseph had a mop of curly hair and his same joyous sense of adventure.

I am thankful for…kids that still like to be pulled in the wagon (and a husband that will still pull them).

I am watching…this little girl re-enact the Christmas story (over and over again) with these adorable peg dolls from WoodnPlaytime on Etsy.  The animals in this story laugh a lot and often…I’d like to think that those present at the birth of Jesus found plenty of reasons to laugh and be JOYFUL.

I am wondering…what Willa doll thinks about being thrown into this crazy family.  

I am hoping…we all stop coughing and start sleeping again soon.  I’m tired.

I am pondering…this absolutely revolting thought that pathological consumption has become so normalized that we don’t even notice it.  So, so scary.  

I am praying…Grandma Morgan.  Peace, comfort, acceptance.  Please pray for her with me.

I am laughing…(now) at the drama that took place at breakfast.  William doesn’t like orange juice and he doesn’t like fried potatoes.  I like both.  So I often serve both.  So today I’m minding my own business, eating my breakfast taco (with fried potatoes) and drinking my orange juice when all of a sudden William pops up from his chair and red in the face is crying “help!”  He was choking.  On a fried potato.  That he used in a tutorial to Joseph to show him “How to Swallow a Fried Potato Whole and Get Rid of Your Orange Juice”.  Luckily all the orange juice came back out and the potato made it down.  Seriously….what.was.he.thinking?

I am admiringMystie Winkler and her Humble Habits program.  It’s the first program of hers that I’ve taken.  I love that she’s upfront about being a slob by nature but being able to overcome that tendency.  I’ve let things go since becoming a mom that really do matter to me and I’m hoping to take back some of those things this year.

I am planting…actually, nothing.  I am still watering what’s growing…calendula, Italian parsley, cilantro and some other culinary herbs.  I’m waiting to see what spring weeds pop up in my garden.

I am reflecting…on how there are no more “villages” to help us raise our kids anymore and how we, as mothers, suffer from this tragedy.

In the schoolroom…this is our first week back after the holidays.  Bookshelves are (somewhat) organized, lesson plans are made, pencils are (not) sharpened.

Around the house…I just sprayed Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener and burnt some incense…trying to clear out the closed house smell and kill off all the roosting germs around here.

In the kitchen…soups, vegetables, whole grains, repeat.

I am wearing…an olive and tan striped skirt my talented sister-in-law gifted me a few years ago with a black Gap fitted shirt (and tan footies because my feet are always cold…even when it’s a balmy 75 degrees outside (which it totally is).

We are preparing for…a busy spring.  Hopefully full but not too full (like that year we signed up for everything!)

Someday I am going to miss…the pure excitement on their faces at Christmas.


I am readingThe Distant Hours by Kate Morton (I’m totally already sucked in) and The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber.  

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