H is for…

H is for…Herb Twopence fairy and St. Helena.  After reading Serendipity’s Flower Fairy story, Joseph and William colored pictures of the Herb Twopence fairy.  Joseph also did some copywork from the poem that is in the Flower Fairy book (which he did while listening to the Flower Fairy CD).  Then we looked up the actual wildflower in our field guide.  We read about Saint Helena in our Alphabet of Catholic Saints.  Joseph did some copywork.  We also used the picture from the book to practice the letter H formation. 

H is for…the letter H.  We practiced letter formation using the Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book, Do A Dot, Salt Dough letters, and Pin Punch letters.   We also painted our salt dough letters this week…the vowels are yellow; the consonants are green.

H is for…Honeybees.  It just so happened that while we were studying honeybees, the Texas Beekeeper’s Association had their annual convention.  Joseph and William were happy to attend, along with their friends Belle and Joe.  They learned quite a bit about honeybees and even got to make their own beeswax candles!


H is for…helicopters, hot dogs, hats, and handicap signs.  We started show and tell this week.  The kids love it!  On the first day of a new letter they each choose an item or two to bring to our circle time and they tell all about it.   

H is for…Helen Keller.  We read about Helen Keller…a lot.  Over and over again.  Their favorite book was Helen Keller: The World in her Heart by Lesa Cline-Ransome.  I also had an old book with braille in it and they found that pretty impressive.

H is for…helpful.  We’re still using these great coloring pages and we’re including one each week along with a virtue story.  This was such a great opportunity to have some eager little helpers.  Washing the walls?  Yep, they were even eager to help with that.

H is for…hula hoops, hopscotch, and hula toss.    

H is for…hair.  We studied a picture of George Washington’s hair.  Joseph and William both did a narration and illustration. 

In our book baskets this week (I’m choosing one book from each basket to have Joseph do a narration and illustration of):

History (Helen Keller): Helen Keller: The World in her Heart

Science (honeybees): The Life and Times of the Honeybee; The Honeybee and the Robber; In the Trees, Honeybees; The Honey Makers

Favorite H Books:  Harry the Dirty Dog; Hermie; How the Grinch Stole Christmas; A House is a House for me; Hush Little Beachcomber; Horton Hatches the Egg; How Do You Say it Today Jesse Bear?; A Hug Goes Around; Horton Hears a Who; Henry and Mudge; Harold and the Purple Crayon; Hop on Pop; Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild; How Many Feet in the Bed?; A Hole is to Dig; Harold’s ABC

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