J and K…

Our J and K weeks were lacking.  They occurred between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had actually planned to pause in our Alphabet Journey until after the New Year, but Joseph kept begging to keep going.  So we did.  Pathetically.  We carried on with our Flower Fairy and Saint work.  We read lots of books that started with “J” and “K” and we continued with our phonics and math work.  We lightly skimmed history and science because we had lots of Advent related things to do.  Here’s J and K weeks summarized, incredibly briefly, with hardly a picture to show for it.

J and K are for…Jasmine and Kingcup fairies and St. Joseph and St. Kateri.  After reading Serendipity’s Flower Fairy story, Joseph and William colored pictures of the fairies.  We read about Saint Joseph and Kateri in our Alphabet of Catholic Saints

J and K are for…the letters J and K.  We practiced letter formation using the Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book, Do A Dot, and Pin Punch letters. 

J is for…Jackie Robinson.

J is for…Jungle.  We learned all about rainforests!  We read The Rainforest Grew All Around and The Umbrella and used our Safari Ltd rainforest animals and Gears set for some imaginative play.

J and K are for…Joyful and Kindness.  We’re still using these great coloring pages and we’re including one each week along with a virtue story.

J is for…Jesse Tree.  I had great, great plans for this.  We have a beautiful felt Jesse Tree that we have used for the past couple of years, but I did all the work in making it.  I wanted to involve Joseph and William this year by making some ornaments for an actual small tree, but my plans were waylaid.  Ahh, maybe next year.  In the meantime, we used our felt set. 

In our book baskets this week:

History (Jackie Robinson): Teammates

Science (jungle): The Rainforest Grew All Around; The Umbrella

Favorite J and K Books:  Jamberry; Jambo Means Hello; Jump!; Just the Way You Are; The Jolly Postman; Just Me and My Little Brother; J is for Jump Shot; Just Critters Who Care; The Junkyard Wonders; Jesse Bear What Will You Wear; Julius, The Baby of the World; Katie Meets the Impressionists; Katy No Pocket; Kali and the Rat Snake; The Kissing Hand; The Knight and the Dragon; Katy and the Big Snow

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