Ordinary Days

Ask me to recall memories from my childhood and chances are I’ll tell you about the rainy afternoons we spent indoors making crafts and tracing stencils.  Or maybe I’ll tell you about the old record player we had in the basement of our Seattle house and how Les and I must have listened a million times to the record of “All I want for Christmas”.  Ooh, or maybe I’ll tell you how many times Les and I drove our wagon down the streets of Meadowdale, with her steering and me facing backwards, pushing the wagon with my feet (because as she often reminded me, she was older and only she knew how to steer properly).  If you’re lucky, I might tell you all about how Les used to strap me to the rack on the back of her bike and we’d cruise through Hanahan (it’s a sure-fire way to make sure your little sister can keep up, you know).

Ask Daxson about his childhood.  He doesn’t tell tales from abroad.  Nor does he tell of exotic adventures.  No, he recalls afternoons spent reenacting Three Amigos and Saturday mornings spent garage sale shopping with a belly full of doughnuts.  He tells stories about how he used to set up a shop in his dresser drawer and sell random items to his sisters (often taking those sold items when they weren’t paying attention so he could sell them again).

Please don’t misunderstand.  Trips to Disney World and afternoons at Chuck E. Cheese are delightful family adventures.  But they don’t define us.  It’s the ordinary moments that do.

january 22, 2014 006_1

It’s the bike rides with brothers…

january 22, 2014 053_1

It’s the box that we fit into…the box that becomes a spaceship, a house, a store…

january 23, 2014b 001_1

It’s the time we spend outside…climbing, running, swinging, laughing, playing…

december 28, 2013a 019_1

january 23, 2014b 022_1 january 23, 2014b 029_1 january 22, 2014 065_1

It’s building for hours, sometimes knocking it all down, then laughing and doing it again…

feb 8, 2014 042_1

It’s the moment when we all squish together and smile…

december 28, 2013c 025_1

It’s the spontaneous indoor “picnic” on a cold winter day…

feb 8, 2014 043_1

It’s playing in the grass…

january 22, 2014 079_1

It’s snuggling together to watch a movie…

dec 12, 2013 008_1

It’s enjoying a popsicle…

dec 12, 2013 055_1

It’s the tiny spot, under the dining room table, that we run away to…together…

dec 12, 2013 146_1

It’s dressing up and acting…whether it’s Superman or Buzz Lightyear or Peter Pan…

january 23, 2014b 014_1 january 22, 2014 051_1january 22, 2014 038_1 january 23, 2014b 010_1

It’s having someone to snuggle up and read a book with…

dec 12, 2013 141_1

It’s those moments.  Those are the moments that define us.

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