A Very Belated Greeting

December 2014 133

I had this post ready to go on December 25th.  I “scheduled” it to post.  Or so I thought.  I must have forgotten to press the “ok” button.  So while this is very belated, our holiday wishes for you still ring true.  So here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

When I first sat down to write this, I began with the intention of briefly describing our year’s highlights…you know all milestones of the year: Joseph’s First Communion, Katie’s 1st birthday, the bathroom remodel. But as I began to write, I realized that sharing those big moments wouldn’t actually give you a fair peek into our past year. Those big events, those milestones, aren’t the tiny threads that make up our daily lives.

The vast majority of our days in 2014 were completely uneventful. We woke up, ate breakfast together, went about our homeschooling day, reconvened for lunch, spent our afternoons basking in sunshine and imagination, gathered together for dinner where we shared our best and worst moments of the day, and then settled in for stories and snuggling as each little person drifted off to sleep, safe, snug, and warm. Our days were marked more by the dailiness of our lives than by anything truly remarkable, yet as I sit here and look at each of my children, I see remarkable changes left in them by all that dailiness.

December 2014 193

Joseph, now 7, is long and lanky, a mix of permanent and baby teeth. Somewhere along the way, he’s become responsible: picking up toys without being asked, clearing his dishes, and helping his younger siblings. He’s bright and funny and extremely clever. He finds life to be full of adventure and he laughs til it hurts. He loves reading and writing and his stories are full of imagination and humor.

William turned 5 in April. Officially school age now, he eagerly anticipates a day at school. He excels in math and science and he is always trying his best to reason things out. He’s inquisitive, thoughtful, and extremely sweet. His afternoons are spent searching for rocks, climbing trees and planting every seed he can get his hands on.

Andrew, our trying 3 year old…he’s rambunctious, clever, and 100% boy. He joins his brothers at school in the mornings and then spends his time, barefoot, outdoors. His imagination is as big as our Lone Star state. While he may be busy digging in the dirt and riding his John Deere tractor, he’s ever watchful of his little sister. Just last week, he was caught trying to wake her up from her nap with “true love’s kiss.” He is joyful and expressive and ever so friendly.

And then there’s sweet little Katelyn, described perfectly by Shakespeare, “Though she be but little, she be fierce.” Katelyn has learned to stand her ground in a family of brothers. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in voice. She spent the first year of her life playing with dinosaurs and cars and then she met Dolly. Now you can find her chasing her brothers, sword in hand, with Dolly tucked safely under her arm. She’s spunky and loud, yet soft and sweet. And very much doted upon by her big brothers.

December 2014 188

As for Daxson and me, another year of parenting has certainly had its effect on us, softening us around the edges, teaching us patience in the midst of chaos and helping us to focus on the little things that are truly important. Daxson continues to enjoy his job as a realtor and I look forward to each new day, teaching and learning alongside my children. We’ve chosen this life of dailiness and we are ever so thankful for the multitude of blessings this life bestows upon us.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

One thought on “A Very Belated Greeting

  1. Stacie, Once again I am so proud that you are my daughter. I love you and really think that you (and your sister) have really embraced motherhood in all of it’s splendor and challenges. I thank God everyday that you are my daughters and that your children-who are being raised as such wonderful children and human beings- are my grandchildren.
    Thanks for being my daughter dear Stacie.
    Love always,


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