Happy Birthday William

Dear William,

Today you are six.  Six.  It seems like only moments ago that I was wrapping you up in a blanket and snuggling you, admiring your sweet little nose and your precious little lips.  I’d reach my finger out and you’d wrap your tiny little hand around it, clinging to me, as if your life depended on it.


You were our Good Friday baby.  Delivered on the day Christ suffered and died and brought home on Easter, the day our Lord resurrected.  A beautiful Easter celebration for us, indeed.

William's bday 069_1

Six years you’ve been here.  Blessing our lives with your abundant energy, your inquisitive nature and your sweet disposition.  My dear, sweet William, my life is full because you are here.  I am so very thankful for that day six years ago that brought you into this world.

Love, Mommy

March 2015 086_1

One thought on “Happy Birthday William

  1. Happy Birthday William,You are a gift to us all. I remember well Good Friday and Easter Sunday 6 years ago. You were so tiny and such a little sweetheart. Reminded me of your mom when she was born, such a little one. I thank God everyday for the gift you are to me. Love,


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