A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)

Sunday: An opportunity to shop with dear friends at a Lularoe Pop-up Boutique (seriously, such fun!).

February 2016 060_1_1

Monday: Remembering this moment.

February 2016 038_2_1

Tuesday:  A very patient Granny and a sewing project for the kids.

February 2016 092_1_1

Wednesday: The opportunity to finish his school work as a cat.

February 2016 138_1_1

Thursday:  A beautiful story and the chance to reflect.

February 2016 174_1_1

Friday:  A quick moment for a family photo.

February 26, 2016 045_1_1

Saturday:  A morning at the Regional Science Fair with these two handsome fellas.

Science Fair 2016 041_1_1


One thought on “A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)

  1. What a fun week. I will go on the motorcycle again with Dax. He was a good driver and it was fun. Haven’t been on a motorcycle before but was on my brother’s old motor scooter in the 60’s. A bit different.
    Love you all.


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