A Week of Gratitude (in pictures)

Sunday: A homemade cup of calm to get ready for a busy week.

March 2016 018_1_1

Monday: Book Club and these incredible ladies.

March 2016 422_1_1

Tuesday: Listening to Dax read a devotional to the kids every morning.

March 2016 002_1_1

Wednesday: A partner for yoga.

March 2016 001_1_1

Thursday:  A family gathering at Bastrop State Park and a night of cooking over the fire.  (Last time I saw Pam and Sam, Sam was about Quinn’s age…we were long overdue for a visit!)

March 2016 039_1_1

Friday:  A fish fry at Mom and Dad’s.  Surrounded by family, food and laughter.  A beautiful evening.

March 2016 314_1_1

Saturday:  This guy.  I am one lucky gal.

March 2016 387_1_1


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