Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Coastal Bend Nature Challenge

*Joey and William will be guests here on the blog as they document our Nature Challenge journey for 2016.

Opening Ceremony by Joey and William

On August 13th Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dustin, and Alex came down from Austin to go to the Opening Ceremony at the South Texas Botanical Gardens with us.

We started by visiting with Ms. Pringle from the UT Marine Science Center.  She showed us how to observe different types of sand.  We used tiny microscopes to help us see the details.august-2016-021_1_1

J:  I did Mustang Island.  The tan sand had little grains.  Its shape was circular like dots and it had shells in it.august-2016-022_2_1

W:  I got to see a few different sands.  My favorite sand was the black sand.  It was black because it is volcano dust.  It was from Hawaii.  Mommy said, “Good job!  How did you identify that by yourself?”  Ms. Pringle asked me if I knew why it was black and I said, “Yes, because it was from near a volcano.”  I was right.august-2016-023_3_1 august-2016-024_4_1 august-2016-025_5_1 august-2016-026_6_1 august-2016-027_7_1

J:  I also got to see sand from Dunstaffnage near Oban, Scotland.  It was made of medium dots and it was gray and reddish.  It was very colorful and pretty.

Next we went to say hi to Ms. Sara Jose and sign our team in.  Our team is just called The Satery Family because our team consists of our family…Mommy, Daddy, Joey, William, Andrew and Katie.  Ms. Sara gave us a crossword puzzle to complete.september-2016-044_4_1 september-2016-046_6_1

After signing in, we went to visit the Texas A & M Forest Service.  They had leaf plates for us to rub our crayon over and make a leaf rubbing.  Then after we rubbed it, we had to identify it.  They also had a sign that showed how you can tell a tree’s age by counting its rings.  That was very neat.august-2016-029_9_1 august-2016-030_10_1

J:  First I did a sycamore rubbing.  Then I did a leaf from an Elm Tree.  It was very fun.  I love doing crayon rubbings.august-2016-033_13_1

W:  Alex and I did our rubbings together.  We both used the same color and we used the same leaf.  I don’t remember what my leaf was but I’m going to check with Alex to see if he remembers.august-2016-035_15_1

J:  Katie and Andrew made their own crayon rubbings using the leaf plates, too.august-2016-031_11_1 august-2016-032_12_1 august-2016-034_14_1

september-2016-043_3_1Once we were all done rubbing leaves, we moved over to visit with the Wildlife in Focus representative.  She had some nature photo books for us to look at and then we got to dress up as a nature photographer and use her camera.august-2016-036_16_1 august-2016-037_17_1

J:  The books had a lot of animals in them and beautiful photographs of plants.  I also liked dressing up as a nature photographer.

W:  So did I!august-2016-038_18_1 august-2016-039_19_1 august-2016-040_12_1 august-2016-041_11_1 august-2016-042_10_1

J:  I liked using her camera.

W:  So did I!august-2016-043_9_1 august-2016-045_8_1

J:  I took pictures of my family which wasn’t really a nature photograph…

W:  We’re made by God, so we really are kind of nature.  I took pictures of the family, too.august-2016-046_7_1 august-2016-047_6_1 august-2016-048_5_1 august-2016-049_4_1 august-2016-050_3_1 august-2016-051_2_1 august-2016-053_1_1

J:  It was good practice so we can take pictures on our excursions this fall.august-2016-054_2_1 august-2016-055_3_1 august-2016-056_4_1 august-2016-057_5_1

After taking photos, we visited quickly with the Corpus Christi Science and History Museum and we got the materials to make star catchers.  Katie was starting to get restless so we took those home to make.  We also stopped by the table for the Botanical Gardens.september-2016-045_5_1

After that we went to renew our membership at the Gardens and do a little exploring.  We visited the Reptile Room and got to hold a snake.  It was a rat snake.  We went to visit the birds and see the butterflies.august-2016-059_2_1 august-2016-060_3_1 august-2016-062_5_1 august-2016-063_6_1 august-2016-064_7_1 august-2016-065_8_1 august-2016-067_9_1 august-2016-068_10_1 august-2016-070_11_1 august-2016-071_12_1 august-2016-073_14_1 august-2016-075_15_1 august-2016-078_17_1

J:  I had lots of fun at the Botanical Gardens and I also realized that the opening ceremony was a lot of nature places under one big roof.  So I got to go from Wildlife in Focus to the Science and History Museum by only walking a few feet!

W:  I had fun, too.  My favorite part was when I observed the sand.

J:  It was fun coming home and finishing our work, too.  We spent an evening coloring our Wildlife in Focus pictures (I colored my bird so it would look like a Woodpecker) and making star catchers.  Now I’m going to have to look for the constellations next time we go camping.

W:  Me too!september-2016-084_1_1 september-2016-088_2_1 september-2016-093_3_1 september-2016-094_4_1 september-2016-095_5_1 september-2016-101_6_1W:  Oh!  I almost forgot!  Andrew and I were in the newspaper!  Andrew got excited when he went to HEB and someone recognized him there.  We’re famous!september-2016-041_1_1



One thought on “Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Coastal Bend Nature Challenge

  1. That is so wonderful that the family gets to participate in this together. I am so glad to see all of the pictures and see what they did. Good job Joey and Billy in your journaling.
    Love you all,


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