Coastal Bend Nature Challenge: Fulton Mansion

*Joey and William will be guests here on the blog as they document our Nature Challenge journey for 2016.

The Challenge: Explore Harriet’s Garden and the yard behind the mansion.  Use the plant markers to locate the plants in your mission.  Complete the worksheet.  Observe the plants and flowers.  Sketch your favorite.  september-2016-006_1_1

After Goose Island State Park, we headed over to Fulton Mansion although we ended up on a very scenic tour because somehow we drove right past it the first time!september-2016-005_3_1

J:  After a loooong mosquitoey morning at Goose Island State Park, I was glad to go somewhere that we could go inside.  First we all ate lunch outside the museum.  We all remembered a funny tale from last year’s nature challenge when Andrew accidentally cut up the direction page for a craft inside the museum (Mommy fixed it, so all was well).  He just got so carried away with his scissors that he didn’t realize what he was cutting!

W:  I ate peanut butter and jelly with some grapes.

J:  I ate beef jerky.

W:  Then we went into the museum where they told us to head over to the mansion before it closed.  I decided to skip the stroller and walk up the stairs by myself.

september-2016-179_1_1 september-2016-181_2_1

J:  No, silly, we went down the stairs to the basement first!

september-2016-182_3_1 september-2016-183_4_1

W:  Oh, yeah, remember how neat the the basement was.  Remember the dumb waiter?

september-2016-185_5_1 september-2016-187_6_1

J:  What dumb waiter?

september-2016-188_7_1 september-2016-189_8_1 september-2016-190_9_1

W:  The one where you put the food on it and pull it up and it goes upstairs.

september-2016-191_10_1 september-2016-192_11_1

J:  Oh the dumb waiter.  Not the dumb waiter!  It must have been nice for the servants to have a whole basement all to themselves.

september-2016-194_12_1 september-2016-195_13_1

W:  We went upstairs to the main two floors and got to play an I Spy game as we toured the house.

september-2016-196_14_1 september-2016-197_15_1

J:  My favorite room was probably the bedroom although it would have been fun to go lie on the bed.  I played the I Spy downstairs first then I went up the stairs and I was not scared one tiny bit.  I played I Spy upstairs and when it was time to come down the stairs, I threw a fit because I was scared.  I am scared to go down the stairs because I’m scared of heights.

september-2016-198_16_1 september-2016-199_17_1 september-2016-200_18_1

W:  Good thing we don’t have stairs in our house!

september-2016-203_19_1 september-2016-204_20_1

J:  That’s true, but Daddy didn’t let me sit on the Fulton Mansion’s stairs like I do when I go to Granny and Pappy’s house.  Daddy kept urging me down and then I held my hand and he promised not to let me fall so I was able to go down the stairs.

september-2016-207_21_1 september-2016-208_22_1

W:  Next we headed over to the museum.

september-2016-258_1_1 september-2016-210_22_1 september-2016-211_21_1 september-2016-212_20_1 september-2016-213_19_1 september-2016-214_18_1

J:  I definitely loved building that bridge with Andrew!

september-2016-219_17_1 september-2016-220_16_1 september-2016-221_15_1 september-2016-222_14_1 september-2016-224_13_1 september-2016-227_12_1

W:  I helped Granny dress the mannequin and I got to dress up as a cowboy!  Then we took Granny’s picture with her head on top of the mannequin.  It was funny!

september-2016-229_11_1 september-2016-231_10_1 september-2016-233_9_1 september-2016-235_7_1 september-2016-239_6_1

J:  It was a good thing I brought my Ironman Lego into the museum with me because then I got to help Ironman cross the bridge after I finished building it.  I kind of liked watching Granny dress the mannequin even though I don’t get all excited about that kind of girl stuff.  I dressed up as a cowboy which was really fun.

september-2016-247_5_1 september-2016-249_4_1 september-2016-253_3_1 september-2016-257_2_1

W:  Then we finally went outside to the grounds to do the Nature Challenge.

september-2016-259_1_1 september-2016-260_2_1 september-2016-261_3_1 september-2016-262_4_1 september-2016-263_5_1

J:  We had to find the plants and write their scientific name in the garden.  My favorite plants were the firecracker plant and Turk’s Cap.september-2016-264_6_1 september-2016-265_7_1 september-2016-266_8_1 september-2016-267_9_1 september-2016-269_10_1

W:  Mommy made us all get together at the end so we could have our picture taken.  I loved having our picture taken but I did get a little annoyed because Mommy kept saying one more!  One more!september-2016-272_11_1 september-2016-275_12_1 september-2016-276_13_1 september-2016-277_14_1 september-2016-286_15_1

J:  I really liked going to the Fulton Mansion.  The day at Rockport was full of fun!  I’m already looking forward to next year’s nature challenge!september-2016-288_16_1 september-2016-293_18_1 september-2016-294_19_1 september-2016-289_17_1



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