Coastal Bend Nature Challenge: Nueces Delta Preserve

**This is our final Nature Challenge for 2016!

*Joey and William will be guests here on the blog as they document our Nature Challenge journey for 2016.

The Challenge:  1.  Find an animal track: photograph it, measure it and ID it.  2.  Observe a bird at Rincon Bayou:  note its distinguishing characteristics, sketch it, and ID it.

W:  We went to the Delta Preserve.  We went down by the pond and looked for animal tracks.october-2016-001_1_1 october-2016-003_2_1 october-2016-005_4_1 october-2016-006_5_1 october-2016-009_6_1

J:  We found a lot of deer tracks.  We sat down and drew them.

W:  We measured the track.  Then we used our Track Guide to identify them.  Yep, they were deer tracks.october-2016-010_7_1 october-2016-011_8_1 october-2016-013_9_1 october-2016-016_10_1_1 october-2016-017_1_1

J:  We went back up to the pavilion and were given paints to paint our prints.  We also received our very own nature journal (that’s what we painted in!).  I drew the deer track and then painted over it.  october-2016-018_2_1 october-2016-019_3_1 october-2016-020_4_1 october-2016-021_5_1_1 october-2016-022_6_1 october-2016-023_7_1 october-2016-024_8_1 october-2016-071_7_1

W:  Next we drove down to the Bayou but we had to stop on the way because we saw a turtle crossing the road.  We think it was red eared slider because Auntie Jessica and I saw red on its ear.  october-2016-025_9_1 october-2016-027_10_1 october-2016-029_1_1 october-2016-031_2_1 october-2016-034_3_1 october-2016-035_4_1 october-2016-037_5_1

J:  When we got to the Bayou we saw Snowy Egrets and Brown Pelicans.  We used our binoculars and our field guide to identify the birds, but Mr. Dane was there, too, to help us.  october-2016-038_6_1 october-2016-042_8_1 october-2016-043_9_1 october-2016-044_10_1 october-2016-046_1_1 october-2016-047_2_1 october-2016-048_3_1 october-2016-049_4_1 october-2016-050_5_1 october-2016-070_6_1 october-2016-072_8_1

W:  After drawing our birds, Mr. Dane took us on a guided walk.  It was a loop walk because the trail looped around.

J:  We saw a fiddler crab.  We also saw a dead animal and there were huge beetle looking bugs that were carrying away the remains.

W:  We also saw a giant green walking stick.

J:  We saw some tracks on the trail, too.october-2016-051_6_1 october-2016-052_7_1 october-2016-055_8_1 october-2016-059_1_1 october-2016-061_2_1 october-2016-063_3_1 october-2016-064_4_1 october-2016-069_5_1

Well, thank you to everyone for following along our journey.  We completed 15 out of 21 challenges.  We learned all kinds of new nature facts.  We SAW BOBCATS IN THE WILD and pelicans diving for fish.  We learned how to blog and we practiced using the camera.  It was all kinds of fun and we can’t wait for the Nature Challenge next year!


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