Rediscovering the Joy of Motherhood: Gratitude

The joys of motherhood often get lost in the daily drudgery of this little journey we call life.  It’s hard to show gratitude when we’re knee deep in diapers, bad attitudes and dirty dishes.

The pile of dishes stacked beside the sink causes us to groan in frustration, knowing that it is up to us to clean them while the muddy footprints on the floor remind us that it is time to clean the house.

Our stomachs growl and we sigh in resignation knowing that the only way dinner will be served is if we stop whatever it is we’re doing (paying the bills, folding the laundry, tending to a child) and dedicate the next bit of time to cooking…

Head over to Corpus Christi Moms Blog to finish reading and to find out how to rediscover joy in motherhood.

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