Miss Daisy’s Naturals: Being Intentional About Skincare Products

There’s something unintentional about the way we slather products onto our bodies.  We open a product, slap it on and, for most of us, never consider the fact that the skin is the biggest organ in the body, soaking up every chemical, every preservative, every molecule of whatever concoction caught our eye at the store.

Some of us have become a little more savvy.  We avoid parabens and synthetics when we can.  We buy things in recycled bottles that are BPA free.  We read the labels and see lovely things like coconut oil and essential oils and we just skim over the words we can’t read.  We settle for a $10 bottle of organic lotion (and hope it actually works) because surely buying it is easier than making it ourselves.


Body products shouldn’t be so complicated.

Luckily, there are people in the world, like Lori Concert with Miss Daisy’s Naturals, that can help de-mystify the skin care product aisle.  She has taken beauty products to a level of simplicity that makes my skin sing glorious thoughts.  Her wrinkle-free skin and beautiful tone are a testament to the fact that her products work.  And the best part?  She’s not hoarding the secrets of beauty products.  While she makes products to sell at her Etsy shop, she loves teaching other women how to make beauty products in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Lori’s journey has evolved over time.  It started with her food revolution.  She realized she was filling her body with all kinds of food that fueled it and she reaped amazing results (both in the physical and mental realms) but she wasn’t paying as much attention to what she was putting ON her body.  Then it dawned on her how much was being absorbed through her skin and she began reading labels and researching products.  Slowly she began experimenting with making her own products and it had a quick spiraling effect…once she made one thing, she was eager to try her hand at making something else.

Her beauty product production began with lip balm.  Then she moved onto making her own shampoo, body butters, lotions, bath salts, bath bombs and now she’s moved on to make-up. After years of making her own products, she decided to start her own beauty line to combine her love of crafts with her belief that natural products are a pillar on the road to health.  In 2015, she started her Etsy shop, Miss Daisy’s Naturals, based on the idea that people are interested in natural beauty products but are often intimidated to attempt making them on her own.


This is her intentional movement to get natural products into the hands of women who value health and what goes on their bodies.

I had the lovely opportunity to indulge in one of her lavender whipped body butters.  Ooh la la!  My skin looks and feels beautiful and there is no greasy residue.  I have extremely sensitive skin (with the tendency to get eczema patches where products disagree with my skin) and after using her products for the last few months, I can testify that it works beautifully on sensitive skin!  Pop over to Miss Daisy’s Naturals to see what Lori has in stock (and feel free to message her with a custom order question if you don’t see what you’re looking for).

Lori and I encourage all of you to experience the power of natural body care products, whether it’s a product you discover in her Etsy shop or a product you decide to make yourself.  We promise that once you try them (or make your own), you’ll never go back to store bought products.

Won’t you join our intentional revolution and treat your skin with the care it deserves?



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