Learning to Speak the Love Language of My Children

I love February with its designated day for love.  Really, a holiday for love?  Oh yes, please.

I’m not the commercial sort that loves to receive flowers or chocolates.  Rather I love February because it gives me a chance to speak love in many languages and to reach deep into the hearts of my children without appearing overly sentimental (because who can call anyone overly sentimental in a month dedicated to love?!)

In the past, as Valentine’s Day approached, I would run out to the stores and stock up on candy and cards to give out to my loved ones.  After a plethora of candy (and a decision to cut back on the sweets), I got to thinking a bit more creatively and started giving my kids gifts like crayons (“you color my world!”) and socks (“we’re the perfect pair!”) but over time, I learned the truth: I equated gift giving with showing my love.

Unfortunately, out of my four kids, none of them have gifts as their primary love language and so I was, in essence, spending money when perhaps I should have been spending time.  Or maybe I  left beautifully wrapped gifts when my little one really just wanted me to adorn him with beautifully said words.  Or maybe, just maybe, a hug, a kiss, or a pat on the back spoke louder to my child than an expensive new gadget.

Head on over to Corpus Christi Moms Blog and finish reading about my kiddos and their love languages.

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