{A Glimpse into an Intentional Life}


Looking in the mirror and accepting what we see is an intentional act.  Being happy with what see is an act of grace.

Being intentional is easier said than done.  It’s easier imagined than executed.  So here’s where we inspire you every week with a simple picture and a few words.  Think of this as a chance to help you realize the simplicity of intentional. 

Be inspired.  Allow gratitude and joy and beauty to sneak in with every intention.  And then won’t you come back and share your moment with us?  Or leave a link in the comments to your blog where you celebrate {A Glimpse into an Intentional Life}. 








One thought on “{A Glimpse into an Intentional Life}

  1. I love your pictures. They do inspire. Right now, every single morning when I wake up and get out of bed and get dressed is very intentional. It isn’t so much a matter of what I am going to wear but simply the fact that I can Get up and Get dressed on my own. One thing is for sure, everyone needs to NOT take anything for granted. By that I mean even our own bodies or bodily functions. Let’s face it, when something happens to even one little part of us it makes a difference. And part of the difference is how we take it. With gratitude that we are still alive? With joy that we can do for ourselves? But being intentional can mean a different thing too. It means that when you can’t do for yourself you have to very graciously be humble and let others do for you. That too is being intentional-to me.


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