Preserving More Than Food

Every year, the conversation is the same.  My husband insists that I am wasting my time canning. I’m talking about good, old-fashioned canning.  You know, the kind with the water bath canner, the glass mason jars, the old screw top lids.  Canning.  The art of preserving food.  I argue that canning is a lost art, a delicious way to preserve the fruits of the season.

I usually only do it once a year. Sometimes twice. It’s a big production. It takes up a good part of the day (okay, it takes up the whole day if you consider the number of times I stop to tend to a child or attend to another need around the house or serve a meal) and it takes over the kitchen completely.

It’s actually all a little daunting.  I wake up on the morning I’ve planned to can and I ask myself again if I’m sure I’m up for it.  Usually I dread it a little because I know once I start, there is no stopping until each of those jars have popped and I know all of my food is sealed and preserved.  Yet, I still do it.  Pop over to Corpus Christi Moms Blog to read why.

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