Partial Solar Eclipse

I may not be an official astronomer, but I’d have to be living under a rock to not know that today was a big day in the USA for anyone looking up at the sky.  My favorite description of what took place came from, “No human action can disrupt the incessant dance of the cosmos, and the Moon’s shadow will not wait on you if you’re not ready. Like a mindless juggernaut, it plows its way through space toward a collision course with Earth. As predicted by the astronomers decades in advance, the shadow arrives with perfect accuracy, and touches down in the north Pacific Ocean at 16:48:33 UT*, at local sunrise.”  And it’s true.  It did exactly that.

Down here in the deep part of Texas, we were not on the path of totality.  But we still had the chance to view a partial solar eclipse which was still quite a special event.

We headed out to the Oso Preserve and were treated with all kinds of educational fun.   There was a hands-on, move around station where the kids were able to learn exactly how an eclipse happens.

There was a Viewing Station where we could all safely view the eclipse.  And then there was a craft station where the kids got to make a model of the eclipse and answer some trivia questions.  Katie and Joey grabbed their nature notebooks as were were getting ready to head out to journal their experience. 

The kids learned so much and it was nice to experience it with friends.  The staff at the Preserve did an awesome job (as always!) of engaging all of us and helping us to understand the eclipse a little better.

Leave me a comment…I’d love to hear where you were for the Solar Eclipse 2017.



One thought on “Partial Solar Eclipse

  1. That looks like it was so much fun as well as educational. I am so glad that you have the OSO preserve to attend for things like this so close to home. Great pictures!


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