{A Glimpse into an Intentional Life}

Everything is blurry when you rush…not just the visual aspects of your life, but even the relationships and the words that fill your day.  Sometimes you have to be intentional and just slow down.

When you slow down enough to really see what’s around you, you notice all kinds of amazing things that you never noticed before..the crook in his eyebrow when he explains how he created that little figure out of clay; the innocent look in her eyes when she tells you there’s no mama like you in the world; the funny little plants you’ve rushed right past dozens of times that look surprisingly like Mario Koopalings.  It’s all there.  Every moment of every day.  We just have to be intentional enough to notice it.  

Being intentional is easier said than done.  It’s easier imagined than executed.  So here’s where we inspire you every week with a simple picture and a few words.  Think of this as a chance to help you realize the simplicity of intentional. 

Be inspired.  Allow gratitude and joy and beauty to sneak in with every intention.  And then won’t you come back and share your moment with us?  Or leave a link in the comments to your blog where you celebrate {A Glimpse into an Intentional Life}. 






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