My Daybook

Outside my window…It’s beautiful and sunny. 

I am thinking…there are a million things I should be doing, but for now I’m happy just to gaze at this beautiful nursing baby. 

I am thankful for…napping children. 

From the learning room…tried a fingerpainting project today with Joseph and could not get him to touch it!  Finally convinced him to wear a sock on his hand to paint!  

From the kitchen…Still no eggs, milk, or soy allowed…am going to try a new recipe for corn chowder with no dairy…the picture looks yummy, but we’ll see! 

I am wearing…still dressed for our morning walk in yoga pants and a navy blue t-shirt (and a pair of cute ankle socks from my mom…thanks Mom!) 

I am creating…a safe haven for my little ones…somewhere that they feel free to be just exactly who they are meant to be and loved that much more because of it. 

I am going…to order Prima Latina this week for Joseph. 

I am reading…The Five Love Languages of Children. 

I am hoping…to finish organizing the kid’s clothes by the end of the week. 

I am hearing…just the hum of the computer…isn’t silence golden? 

Around the house…no workers today, so no new progress on renovations. 

One of my favorite things…reading with Joseph. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…a little schooling, a little cooking, a little playing and a lot of loving! 

Here is picture I thought worth sharing…Joseph and William got a ball pit for Christmas but after a few weeks, it got a tear.  New ball pit arrived this weekend and Dax brought it in this morning much to the delight of two little boys! 

The ball pit is back!


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